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Junior Super Series Championship

Finals Feature Match

Aaron Hiemstra vs. Mark Landers

The match started inausipciously for Aaron Hiemstra, who had to mulligan twice. By the time he got any creatures on the board, he was facing a Dauthi army led by Mark Landers. Hiemstra never drew any of his direct damage and fell to the onslaught.

Things continued to look bad when Hiemstra to two mulligans at teh beginning of the second game. After Hiemstra played a Mountain, Landers hoped to take advantage of his weakened opponent, playing a Swamp, Dark ritual, Carnophage, Cursed Scroll, and Duress (taking Hiemstra's only non-land card, a Cursed Scroll) on his first tuirn.

For the rest of the game Hiemstra was forced to draw everything he needed off the top of his deck. Amazingly, he did, playing creatures and Shocking Landers' creatures on his way to victory.

With the score tied, it was now Landers' turn to take a mulligan. As Hiemstra played multiple creatures and Cursed Scrolls every turn, Landers got stuck at one Swamp for the first four turns. By the time he got back into the game, Hiemstra was able to Scroll any creature Landers played, and the Hiemstra army soon triumphed.

In game four, a demoralized Landers looked at his opening one-land hand and declined to mullligan. He played a Swamp and a Sarcomancy, creating a 2/2 Zombie token. Hiemstra and his direct damage soon removed the token, as well as any other zombie that hit the table, ensuring that Landers would be taking one damage a turn regardless of what else Hiemstra did. In fact, Hiemstra just maintained control of the board via his Cursed Scroll until he drew into his Ball Lightning and finished Landers off.

Hiemstra 3 - Landers 1

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