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Magic: The Gathering Invitational 2000
Classic Recap

by Randy Buehler

Necro-Donate was thought to be THE deck to play in Type 1 when the Invitational competitors sat down to play. 6 of them chose to run it, but their overall record wound up being only 9-9. Meanwhile 3 players ran control decks, 3 ran creature decks, 3 ran mono-black Necro decks, and Maki ran Replenish. The control decks seemed to do the best. Zvi Mowshowitz played one and was the only person to go 3-0 in Type 1. Control decks had an overall record of 6-3.

The top of the standings looked virtually unchanged after this morning's three rounds of Type 1. All 4 of the top players went 2-1 and so it remains Finkel and Chapin tied for first with Humpherys and Pikula one game behind them. It'll be particularly interesting to see how Chris Pikula does with his latest Dave Humpherys deck. So far Chris has gone 5-1 with Humpherys decks in the two constructed formats.

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