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Player Profile: Katsuhiro Mori

Last Updated 9/24/00

Birthdate: Febuary 22, 1983
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Languages: Japanese
Occupation: High School Student
Team Affiliation: None

    Notable Results
  • Top 8 - 2000 Japanese Nationals
  • Finals, Top 4 (Japan's States)
  • Grand Prix Sapporo Top 8

Magic Origins

"I have been playing for 2 years (Exodus). I started playing with Mori Masaya, we learned to play together."

Influential People as Novice

"Masami Ibamoto - who is a strong Limited player. I saw Ibamoto defeat many Pro players, and I want to emulate him."

Favorite Formats

"Standard is my favorite, I can get familiar with the decks and it has an evolving metagame."

Favorite Deck

"Accelerated Blue."

Favorite Opponent

"Gary Wise - I played Gary at the DCI Center during '99 Worlds. Gary won - he is a funny guy and fun to play against."

Best Player in the World

"Jon Finkel."

Favorite Cards

"Counterspell, Stroke of Genius. I like blue."

Favorite Magic Mechanic

"Shadow - unblockability changes combat strategy."

Favorite Moment in Magic History (that does involve you)

"Lobotomizing an Opal/Pandemonium deck."

Favorite Place in Magic Travels

"I have never left Japan, I am a high school student, 17 years old."

Deck Building Accomplishments

"Sengir Autocrat/Delraich deck, I won a lot using the deck."

Greatest Magic Accomplishment

"Performance in today's Grand Prix-Sapporo."

Magic Playing

"Five times a week at DCI Center in Tokyo. No special preparation for big event."


"Chikara Hayashi, Masaya Mori (Hayashi builds Mori's decks)."

Favorite Historical Magic Development

"I believe banning cards to prevent them from dominating is good for the game."


"I am good at topdecking. People think I'm lucky."

Other Interests

"Internet, comics and music."

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