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Quarterfinals: David Williams (USA) vs. Gromko Radoslaw (Poland)

By Pete Norris

David Williams is a Pro Tour regular player, and seemed very confident during the draft, and prior to the match. Radoslaw on the other hand was nervous during the draft, making a couple of early mistakes including drafting a Righteous Indignation as a first pick. Prior to the match Rado appeared very tired, and admitted he had played side events all last night, sleeping for only 3 hours. Rado's deck was a Red Green beats deck, but had few really good creatures, while Dave was playing a Blue White control deck with great synergy between Reveille Squad and his walls.

Game 1

Rado has a very slow start, making his first creature (a rusting Golem) on Turn 4, David made an early Sword Dancer and a Turn 4 barrier. David lost the Sword Dancer to an Animate land, but then made a turn 5 Reveille Squad meaning he could ping creatures twice with his wall if Rado attacked. Rado thunderclapped the Reveille Squad but could not draw another creature, and conceded to Williams' Flowstone Thopter with Noble Purpose on turn 8.

Game 2

Rado opened quicker this game with a Silt Crawler, Horned Troll, Herbalist and Razorback on the table by turn 5. Williams made a turn 4 Crenelated Wall, and a turn 5 Stinging barrier before dropping the Reveille Squad on turn 6. He stalled the ground for 2 turns until he cast Flowstone Thopter winning 2 turns later.

David Williams 2 - 0 Gromko Radoslaw

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