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Grand Prix-Manila 1999
Day 1 Pictures

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Dean Alfar of Novelty Entertainment, Inc. gives the opening speech.

Bobby Cabral from Novelty gives opening remarks before tournament start.

Vicky of Novelty oversees the registration station.

The rockin' Grand Prix-Manila Disc Jockey, he loves the 80's.

Tennille Tan hard at work as Assistant Scorekeeper.

Happy happy joy joy - judges before the tournament begins.

Mike Donais uses his supernatural powers on Andrew Buchanan from Hong Kong.

DJ Paculio, Tournament Coordinator works on registration before Round One.

Adrian Teh works on the byes for the first round.

Grand Prix-Manila trophies.

Shot of the Novelty Retail booth.

Novelty Entertainment, Inc. logo.

Judge Rainier Rabago patiently hands out competitor t-shirts.

Players waiting for Round 2 to start.

The SM Mega Mall

Adrian knows a secret.

Grand Prix-Manila poster.

Mike Donais working diligently to enter results.
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