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Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Quarter-Final Franck Canu vs Tom Van der Logt

Game 1

Van der Logt wins the dice roll and goes first. The first play was his turn 4 Phyrexian Prowler, Canu plays a turn 4 Catapillar followed by a turn 5 Scoria Cat, Van der Logt then plays a turn 6 Undertaker as his second creature, meanwhile Canu is attacking with all his monsters and Seals of Fire the Undertaker - Canu has massive momentum as he attacks with a living terrain as well, Van der Logt has no answer to the onslaught and concedes with 4 green cards in his hand and no forests!

Game 2
Van der Logt plays first again and Canu plays a first turn Seal of Fire, Tom plays a Molting Harpeethen a Pygmy Razorback, Franck summons a Catapillar on defence, next turn the Catapillar attacks and Franck plays a thresher beast- Toms Squirrel Wrangler gets seal of fired and the beast and Catapillar served - after combat Canu plays a crusher. Tom continues attacking with the Harpee and summons a Fen Stalker. Canu alpha strikes (attacks with everything ) after Tom chumps with a Razorback he concedes.

- Written by Tony Dobson

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