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Grand Prix Copenhagen 2000 - Quarter-Final Niels Sanders Jensen vs. Peter Gysemans

Both of these players are playing in their first GP top eight. Peter has drafted a U/W deck featuring a few rebels backed up with blue fliers and a few counter spells. Neils has drafted a R/U deck featuring three Flowstone Crushers and an Arc Mage along with blue fliers and utility cards like counter spells and a Withdraw.

Game One
The first game is dominated by one of Niels' Flowstone Crushers as it relentlessly applies pressure which Peter finds hard to cope with. A Wandering Eye reveals the players hands, the turn the eye hits Niels draws a Thwart which will most likely keep the Jewelled Sprit in Peters hand from hitting the table. Niels submerges a Defiant Falcon before it can search, all the while attacking with a Flowstone Crusher. Peter seems to sacrifice the Sprit to draw the Thwart which seems a bit of a random play on his part as the spirit is the best solution he has in hand to the crusher which has so far consumed his Chump Blockers. Niels gets Trade Routes and Kris Mage into play and uses the Kris Mage to kill the Falcon. Peter responds by activating the falcons ability and climbing the rebel chain by searching for a Ramosian Captain. The Wandering Eye gets sacrificed to the crusher next turn so the players are back to playing with cards in hand rather than on the table. The last cards each player sees the other draw are Island for Niels and Counterspell for Peter. Immediately after the Eye leaves play Niels uses his Trade Routes to cycle two land during his turn and then again at the end of Peter's turn when Peter only lays a land. Niels attacks again and this time Peter sacs the Devout Witness to the Crusher. After the attack Neils summons a Rootwater Commando. During his next turn Niels again attacks with his crusher and the commando, this time Peter blocks with his captain and uses it's ability to get the reason he sacrificed the Jewelled Spirit, Ballista Squad. For a moment it looks like this may be the turning point for Peter. Niels attempts to cast a Zerpha Minotaur is countered and the next turn Peter casts a Ribbon Snake and the comeback seemed to be on track. However Niels manages to Withdraw the Ballista Squad and get another attack in with the commando and the crusher. A poke from the Kris Mage and the the commando comes in for the finish.

Game Two
This game is dominated by a third turn Arc Mage from Niels although Peter tries to keep up by casting two Oraxids. Withdraw again is key for Niels as he bounces both Oraxids and serves with a Zerpha Minotaur. The Oraxids return however and shut down Niels ground offence. Niels turns the air and cast a Drake Hatchling which beats up Peter while shooting him with the Arc Mage in his end step. Peter makes a show of trying to compete by playing his Ballista Squad but the Arc Mage quickly shoots this down. A second hatchling joins the fray and soon proves too much for Peter as the Arc Mage continues to clear the way for them. A final attack with the hatchlings puts Niels in the semi finals.

Sanders Jensen wins 2-0

- Written by Tirak Brown

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