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Question Eleven: Who is going to win the European Championship?
Nicolas Labarre, looking at the matchups - "Tomi Walamies, who plays GoMar." Alex Shvartsman - "Dave Montreuil" Rui Oliveira - "John Ormerod"

Question Ten: Are you planning to visit Milan after the event?
Ben Ronaldson - "I already visited it yesterday night." Olivier Ruel - "If I have friends in the Top 8, I will." Ryan Fuller - "Yes, I've got all Monday to sightsee."

Question Nine: Who is going to win the European Championship?
Craig Jones - "John Ormerod. He is the best Limited player in the UK, and he did well in Constructed." Ben Ronaldson - "John Ormerod, Limited is his best format, he is 10-1-2, and he is England's best player." Olivier Ruel - "If 200 hundred players are disqualified, and I do well in the next draft, I'm going to win."

Question Eight: What is the best deck you saw yesterday?
Nicolas Olivieri - "White-Blue with Mahamotis" Kai Budde - "Mine; there were no new decks around and I kept playing against the same old decks." Craig Jones - "Orbosition"

Question Seven: What draft strategy are you going to pursue today?
Kai Budde - "Draft blue cards." Ben Ronaldson - "Green and Blue. Or five color green or blue white splash red, but I'm flexible." Federico Dato - "Surely three colors, I will adapt to what I'll open and receive in the first booster."

Question Six: Who is the player you are most afraid of facing in this tournament?
Raffaele Lo Moro - "Mmmmm... I'm not qualified for this tournament." Andrea Redi - "It doesn't matter, because everybody is stronger than me." Kai Budde - "Sigurd Eskeland; I beat him once, a long time ago, but I lost twice."

Question Five: What is the country with the stronger player base in Europe?
Nicolas Labarre - "I don't think there is a real best country, it's more a collection of individual players that happen to be in the same country. But I would say France or Germany." Alexander Strakhov - "Germany" Craig Jones - "The Netherlands! There is 20 of them today."

Question Four: Who are you rooting for to win this tournament? (Part Two)
Olivier Ruel - "My brother, of course. He has to start winning something else than Grand Prix." Ryan Fuller - "Noah Boeken because he is the man!" Jonny Chapman - "One of the English guys... John Ormerod for example and Ben Ronaldson, because he is very hard working."

Question Three: Who are you rooting for to win this tournament? (Part One)
Alexander Strakhov - "Any Italian, because we didn't win anything yet!" Nicholas Labarre - "Antoine Ruel because he is a great player, and playtests a lot... he should win something sooner or later." Andrea Redi - "Raphaël Lévy, because he is a nice guy."

Question Two: Who is going to win the Euro Championship? (Part Two)
Tom Van de Logt - "Noah Boeken because he is playing the same deck I play, and he tested it more." Øyvind Ødegaard - "Jens Thoren, because he is known as "broken Jens"; I think he's got the best deck, and he knows how to play it." Federico Dato - "Raphaël Lévy, because he is a nice guy."

Question One: Who is going to win the Euro Championship? (Part One)
Antoine Ruel - "Dominik Hothow , because he is a rising star. Other than him, I'd go for Kai Budde" Olivier Ruel - "Ryan Fuller because he is very good and terribly lucky." Craig Jones - "Kai Budde."

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