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1999 Canadian Nationals
A Word From The Wise

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

This reporter took a few minutes to catch up with Gary Wise after the first round of Limited play at the 1999 Canadian National Championships. Gary was interested in expressing his thoughts about the mishap that almost caused him to miss the first draft and be ejected. "When I woke up and saw that it was 8:44 this morning and someone was banging on my door, the first words out of my mouth were not 'Good Morning'. Nonetheless, arriving just in time, he went 3-0 in his first pod, and earning him a spot in the toughest draft pod for the second round of drafting. Included in his second round pod were such notables as Gary Krakower, Jeff Fung and Terry Tsang. (For more information, see Elijah Pollock's coverage of that second round draft pod).

When asked about his chances today, Gary was very confident. "I feel I am well prepared for this tournament". Gary states that he has done numerous drafts in preparation and is also very confident in his Standard deck. "I spent some time talking with some very well known deck builders last night tweaking my deck and sideboard against the field that we expect here. I feel very good about my choice and my chances." Gary is a consistent performer on the pro tour circuit, placing consistently in the top 32. Gary was invited to Nationals based on his numerous Pro Tour Points. Gary has placed 18th at both PT:Chicago 1999 and PTNY 1998, and had only a single match loss at last year's Nationals in the Limited format.

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