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1999 Canadian Nationals
Day 2 Round 8 Feature Match

- Tom "Jester" Byrne

Peter Radonjic vs Nick Chen

This match features 2 of last year's Canadian Team members playing off. Nick Chen had posted an impressive 5-0-1 record yesterday in the Limited portion, tying match records for first place with Gary Wise. Peter had achieved a very respectable 5-1 yesterday during the draft. Both needed a minimum of 3 wins to make it into the top 8.

Game 1:

This game saw Radonjic taking an early lead, having done 14 damage by turn 6. The last few points escaped him, as Chen's blue control deck slowly built it's defenses using Peregrine Drake and Masticore. Once Chen began to Capsize Radonjic's permanents, the game ended quickly, with Chen's Masticore and Stalking Stones doing the final damage.

Radonjic 0 - Chen 1

Game 2:

This game began with Chen laying a first turn Maze of Shadows. This appeared to be a good start until Nick failed to play land on turn 2. Peter took advantage of this by laying out Mother of Runes, Soltari Foot Soldier and Glorious Anthem by turn 3. Chen top-decked an Island and played Powder Keg, only to have it Disenchanted by Radonjic on the next turn. Despite Chen's later summoning another Powder Keg, a Peregrine Drake and Masticore later in the game, Radonjic had all the answers and his Mother of Runes went all the way.

Radonjic 1 - Chen 1

Game 3:

This game showed Nick the value of counter-magic. Until his turn 11, Nick had only played a single Powder Keg, and had countered 5 different spells, including Radonjic's Longbow Archer, Glorious Anthem, Waylay and 2 Cursed Scrolls. On turn 11 Chen summoned a Peregrine Drake, to which Radonjic responded with a Humility. Chen began to attack with his Drake, but time was called. 5 turns later there was no clear winner, and the match ended in a draw.

Radonjic 1 - Chen 1 - Unfinished 1

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