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Round 12 Pairings by Player

Aw, Roland25vs.Evans, Murray25
Boileau, Louis17vs.Bourdeau, Luc15
Bonham, Andrew21vs.Charlish, Dany21
Bourdeau, Luc15vs.Boileau, Louis17
Boutin, Jon18vs.Krakower, Gary18
Bradshaw, Cory22vs.Lau, Terry22
Chaffey, Scott13vs.Hajer, Jesse17
Charlish, Dany21vs.Bonham, Andrew21
Evans, Forrest19vs.Handfield, Mike20
Evans, Murray25vs.Aw, Roland25
Ferraro, Anthony18vs.Wolfman, Steve18
Fuller, Ryan25vs.Lau, Sam24
Gurney, Michael23vs.Tsang, Terry22
Hajer, Jesse17vs.Chaffey, Scott13
Handfield, Mike20vs.Evans, Forrest19
Harrison, Ken12vs.Hewson, Geoff11
Hewson, Geoff11vs.Harrison, Ken12
Hoover, Tim18vs.Kelley, Nathan18
Kelley, Nathan18vs.Hoover, Tim18
Krakower, Gary18vs.Boutin, Jon18
Lau, Sam24vs.Fuller, Ryan25
Lau, Terry22vs.Bradshaw, Cory22
Quesnel, Royce15vs.Ross, Lesslie12
Rancourt, Vincent18vs.Spiller, Dan19
Ross, Lesslie12vs.Quesnel, Royce15
Spiller, Dan19vs.Rancourt, Vincent18
The, Jason24vs.Tsang, Gabriel27
Tsang, Gabriel27vs.The, Jason24
Tsang, Terry22vs.Gurney, Michael23
Valleau, Mike21vs.Wise, Gary21
Vienneau, Matthew15vs.*** BYE ***
Wise, Gary21vs.Valleau, Mike21
Wolfman, Steve18vs.Ferraro, Anthony18

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