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U.S. Nationals 1999 Reports
Round 4 Feature Match

Dave Humpherys vs. Brian Hacker

In another triumph for Your Moves Games, Dave Humpherys laid upon DKLA's Brian Hacker one of the more severe beatings he's taken in some time. Hacker's three-Rancor deck seemed strong coming out of the draft, but it proved to be no match for Humpherys' B/W Monstrocity.

Game 1 started with Hacker mulliganing to six cards. Humpherys dropped a Phyrexian Denouncer on turn two which essentially crippled Hacker's entire offensive core, which consists of many 1 toughness creatures. Hacker's hand was weak enough that he was forced to drop a land on turn four and say 'go'.

Dave's mobile Fort started beating down as Brian had no creatures to block, and Brian quickly conceded when the score stood 14-1. As dave cut Brian's deck, Brian openly prayed for an opening hand draw of Plague Beetles and three Rancors, and when he dropped a first turn Beetles, the two shared a laugh.

Unfortunately for Hacker, the second game didn't provide much for him to smile about. After Dave dropped a Denouncer second turn, he took total control of the board with Wall of Glare aqnd Mobile Fort. When Brian finally dealt with Dave's 4/4 Phyrexian Broodling and dropped his hand, Dave calmly Pariahed Brian's 5/2 Skittering Skirge, and when Pestilence hit the table, Brian scooped.

Humpherys is now 4-0 and goes on to meet either Ron Schubert, Mike Turian or the winner of the Mike Flores/Jamie Parke match.


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