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Round 6 Feature Match - Dane Coltman vs. Dan Turner

by Liam Coltman

In the battle of the 5-0's to see who would be the Australian Nationals Draft champion, Dane's Red Green Deck was matched up against Dan's Green Blue deck. Dane won the coin flip and elected to play.

Game 1

On turn two Dan summoned a Cloudskate, which Dane matched on turn three with a Whip Sergeant. Dan attacked with the Cloudskate, and summoned a Stampede Driver. Dane was up to the damage race and cast a Fault Rider, whipped it with the Sergeant and sent them in. Dan cast nothing on turn four and sent the Skate in again. Dane cast a Zarapa Minotaur which he called "Parappa da Rapper", whipped it into shape, and sent them all in for the kill. Again Dan chose not to block and took the damage. Dan then struck back with his Skate and Driver, but was forced to scoop up his cards when his lone Horned Troll was not enough to stop a whipped Silverglade Elemental.

Game 2

Game Two started after only about 10 Minutes, which Dane was obviously becoming quite accustomed to. Dan played first and started quickly with a Stampede Driver, but Dane started as fast, bringing a Seal of Fire onto the battlefield. Trouble then stuck Dan as he failed to drop a land on both turns 3 and 4, but he helped stop the bleeding with a Seal of Removal. Dane however, played a Whip Sergeant that Dan was forced to Daze, then a Spur Grappler, and then a Silverglade Elemental. Dan was forced to seal the elemental despite the thawing glacier effect he knew he was creating. It wasn't until turn 9 that Dan looked like he may be able to stabilise. However he was already low on life, and only had 2 Horned Trolls, the Driver and Spidersilk Armor in play. Dane continued to drive through damage, and despite a few play mistakes he was able to take the game and the match easily.

Coltman 2 Turner 0

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