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Round 9 Feature Match - Darren Williams vs. Jarron Puszet

by Liam Coltman

When the two sat down the conversation began immediately, with the spirits high the two cut each other's deck and began the match.

Game 1

In the matchup with Magpie vs Trinity its all about one card, the Masticore. Despite a quick start from Williams he was unable to capitalize when he drew no Plow Unders or Tangle Wires. When the Masticore hit on turn 4 it was the beginning of the end. With a large hand Puszet was still able to drop lands and cast counters, all while keeping the Masticore alive. 5 turns later the duel was over, with Masticore pinging its way through the elves and birds.

Williams 0 Puszet 1

Game 2

When drawing his cards, Puszet accidentally drew cards, because 2 of his cards stuck together. The judges ruled that it was not intentional but he still was forced to take the mulligan. When he drew his next 6 cards, again he was forced to mulligan, not willing to gamble on mana screw vs. the speed of the Trinity deck. When on the third turn he failed to play a land Williams capitalised summoning an Avalanche Rider and sending it in for the kill. Despite almost recovering from the mana screw, the nail was placed in the coffin when the Tangle Wire hit the table, tapping out what few permenants that Puszet had, allowing the green army to swarm over.

Williams 1 Puszet 1

Game 3

Starting back on a hand of 7, Puszet got off to a good start, blowing up all of Williams early mana with Powder Kegs. When Williams got down a Skyshroud Poacher it looked like there could be trouble, until it joined the blue forces via a Treachery. Puszet got a Magpie down and in a last ditch attempt to stop the card advantage Williams was forced to Hurricane. When Puszet flicked over the Counterspell all Williams could do was sit back as Puszet cast a Masticore and crashed over for the win.

Williams 1 Puszet 2

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