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Round 12 Feature Match - Craig Hong vs Wayne Steele

by Luke Hancock

This was the match between 2 of the 16 people that ground in to see if either made the top 8. Both are relative unknows , with Craig playing a Stompy deck against Wayne's rogue Ankh-Tide deck of DCIA-L mailing list fame.

Game 1

Craig won the flip and began the match with a typical green hand and played a first turn Vine Dryad and a Gaea's Cradle. Wayne was able to boomerang the Cradle to inhibit Craig's mana development but it did not really hinder Craig as he played a number of fast green weenies such as Wild Dogs and Albino Troll and applied the big green foot to Wayne.

Hong 1-0

Game 2

Craig began the game with an attempt at a Veiled Sentry as a blocker but a Stampede Driver ran into it shortly. Craig then played a River Boa and a Tangle Wire, and when Craig began to keep Wayne tapped down via the Wire and a Port, and then played another Wire when the first was about to die, Steele conceded the match shortly after.

Hong wins 2-0.

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