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Top 8: Chris Kelly

by Omeed Dariani

Sideboard (S): Where are you from?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

S: How long have you been playing?

Fallen Empires

S: How long have you been playing competitively?

Three years.

S: What are your best tournament accomplishments?


S: What are you playing and why?

Angry Hermit. It beat Replenish.

S: How does it stack up against the field?

Very favorable. A bad matchup is green/black. When I play it well, it performs better than most decks.

S: How do you feel about your chances in the Top 8?

Happy to be 7th seed, as I dodged Sneak. But, unfortunately, I ran into control black, which was beat me.

S: What's your favorite card?

Deranged Hermit

S: What's your favorite format?

Booster Draft

S: What's your favorite card mechanic?

Comes into play effects

S: What's your favorite movie?

Star Wars

S: What's your favorite TV show?

West Wing

S: What's your favorite food?

Anything will do.

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