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2001 Japan Nationals

Player Pictures

[view]Masayuki Higashino
[view]Goro Matsuo left and Min-Su Kim went undefeated in thedraft, and are in first and second place going into day 2.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Reiji Ando catches up on his rest before his feature matchbegins
[view]Defending Champion Tsuyoshi Doyama reviews his opening hand.
[view]Toshiki Champ Tsukamoto ponders whether or not to mulligan.
[view]Players filling out their decklists.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura shows off todays hat.
[view]Min-Su Kim.
[view]Jin Okamoto.
[view]Tomoharu Saito left and Koichiro Maki.
[view]Koichiro Maki.
[view]Tomoharu Saito.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura left and Katsuhiro Mori.
[view]High school superstar Katsuhiro Mori.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura tries to figure out his optimum sideboardchoices.
[view]Masayuki Higashino
[view]Goro Matsuo
[view]A view of the feature draft table from the second draft.
[view]PT Tokyo Finalist Tsuyoshi Fujita at the feature draft table.
[view]2000 Nationals Team member Tsuyoshi Ikeda.
[view]Two-time APAC Champion Masaya Mori.
[view]Two-time GP winner Kenichi Fujita.
[view]2000 National Team member Michihisa Onoda.
[view]Japanese legend Toshiki Champ Tsukamoto.
[view]Masashiro Kuroda is unable to come up with an answer for hisopponents Treva.
[view]1999 National Team member Masashiro Kuroda.
[view]1999 National Champion and 2-time GP winner MasayukiHigashino.
[view]Buddhist priest and GP Sapporo Finalist Takamasa Fukataponders his choices.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura has chosen a more subdued hat for this yearsNationals.
[view]Current National Champion Tsuyoshi Doyamas table was thefeature draft table.
[view]Defending National Champion Tsuyoshi Doyama shows off TeamAqua Souls spiffy new shirts.
[view]Taro John Kageyama.
[view]There were nearly 600 people playing in different tournaments.
[view]Players confer between tournaments trying to follow theconstantly changing metagame.

Staff Pictures

[view]Head Judge Takafumi Ichinohe Level 3-Japan confers withfloor judge Yuki Murakami.
[view]Hobby Japan Tournament Director Takashi Aida Level 3-Japancalls the draft.
[view]The stage is set for tomorrows draft.
[view]The Hobby Japan staff hard at work. When the final tournamentbegan, there were 12 tournaments running simultaneously.

Miscellaneous Pictures

[view]2001 Japan National Semi-Finalist Masahiko Morita
[view]2001 Japan National Champion Goro Matsuo
[view]2001 Japan National Finalist Min-Su Kim
[view]The 2001 Japan National Team
[view]2001 Japan Champion Goro Matsuo
[view]Kim vs. Matsuo in the Finals
[view]Morita and Mori play off for 3rd and 4th place
[view]Masaya Mori
[view]Masahiko Morita
[view]Min-Su Kim
[view]Goro Matsuo
[view]Masahiko Morita during the SemiFinals
[view]Min-Su Kim during the SemiFinals
[view]Min-Su Kim and Masahiko Morita play off in the SemiFinals
[view]Masaya Mori and Goro Matsuo get ready to play their SemiFinalmatch
[view]Masaya Mori during the SemiFinals
[view]Goro Matsuo during the SemiFinals
[view]Masashiro Kuroda reacts to Moris Plague Spitter
[view]Matsuo waits for his opponents next move
[view]Yukihiro Usami during the Quarterfinals
[view]GP Sapporo Finalist Takamasa Fukata attempts to become thefirst Buddhist priest to go the the Magic World Championships.
[view]Masahiko Morita during the Quarterfinals
[view]Masashiro Kuroda during the Quarterfinals
[view]Masaya Mori begins his Quarterfinal match
[view]Yukihiro Usami during the Quarterfinals
[view]Min-Su Kim begins his Quarterfinal match
[view]Yudai Yamasaki during the Quarterfinals
[view]Goro Matsuo preparing for his Quarterfinal match
[view]Buddhist priest and Top 8 player Takamasa Fukata ready foraction.
[view]Top 8 player Takamasa Fukata
[view]Top 8 player Yudai Yamasaki
[view]Top 8 player Masashiro Kuroda
[view]Top 8 player Yukihiro Usami
[view]Yuki Furuta left vs. Yukihiro Usami. The winner of thismatch would make Top 8. The loser would go home.
[view]Top 8 player Goro Matsuo
[view]Goh Anan
[view]Keiichiro Nonishi
[view]Top 8 player Masaya Mori
[view]Top 8 player Min-Su Kim
[view]Top 8 player Masahiko Morita
[view]Yamazaki ponders his next move.
[view]Kuroda waits for his opponent to make the next move.
[view]Masashiro Kuroda and Yudai Yamasaki prepare for their featurematch.
[view]Hiroto Watanabe stops to check out the flavor text on RishadanPort.
[view]Rebel Without a Cause Koichiro Maki does some recruiting.
[view]Higashino doesnt like what he sees on the other side of thetable.
[view]Matsuo peels like a pro.
[view]Koichiro Maki and Toshiki Tsukamoto.
[view]Jinpei Hassaku.
[view]Tomohide Sasawaka.
[view]Min-Su Kim.
[view]Masahiko Morita.
[view]Masashiro Kuroda
[view]Hiroshi Harada
[view]Satoshi Nakamura adjusts his life total.
[view]Defending APAC Champion Masaya Mori.
[view]Saprolings--they can attack, block, and also serve as a deserttopping
[view]There was a last-minute rush at the dealer tables before thetournament began. Rumor has it Juntu Stakes and Static Orbs were flying offthe shelves.
[view]Who will take the trophies home

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