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6/18/04 - 6/20/04
US Nationals

6/25/04 - 6/27/04
Grand Prix Zurich
Block Constructed

Amateur Champonship


6/26/04 - 6/27/04
England Nationals

Featured Event

2004 Amateur

June 26  10 am
Origins Game Convention

Featured Program

Magic Online

Premier Events are back with a vengeance.  Come play in the Darksteel Event!  2 Ticket fee is waived, this weekend only.

Magic Online is celebrating it’s 2
nd anniversary
this June 24th!

Volume 1  - Issue 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I play Furnace Dragon while Mycosynth Lattice is play, what happens?  Is the Furnace Dragon removed from play as well?

A: When the Mycosynth Lattice is in play, all permanents are artifacts.  When the Furnace Dragon comes into play it removes all artifacts from play.  That means that all cards, including the Furnace Dragon, are removed from play. 

Q:  If I play Grafted Wargear on Darksteel Brute (activated), what happens at the end of the turn?  Grafted Wargear states you sacrifice the creature, but the Darksteel Brute isn't a creature any longer.

A:  The Darksteel Brute is still sacrificed. Since the Darksteel Brute can be sacrificed (anything can be sacrificed) it is still sacrificed.  The text stating "creature" is there because normally the Wargear can only be played on a creature, but it is not a requirement for the sacrifice effect. 

Q: If I play Sculpting Steel on a artifact with the Sunburst ability, will Sunburst work based on the mana I spent?

A: Yes.  When the Sculpting Steel comes into play, it'll get counters for Sunburst based on the mana you used to play the Sculpting Steel.


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