July 30–31, 2005
Ninth Edition Release Tournaments
Sealed Deck

July 30–31, 2005
France National Championship

August 6–7, 2005
Grand Prix Taipei
Block Constructed

August 12–14, 2005
U.S. National Championship

August 18–21, 2005
Gen Con Indy
Legacy Championship
$5K Two-Headed Giant Tournament
Vintage Championship & more

August 26–28, 2005
Canadian National Championship

October 28–30, 2005
Date Change for
Pro Tour LA


9th Edition

9th Edition Release Events
July 29-31
Sealed or Booster



Click here to see the recent schedule of events.

Magic Player Rewards - The Official Newsletter
Volume 2 — Issue 14

Event Preview

Photo of Brian Rogers

Everything Old is New Again
by Brian Rogers

Every couple of years, Wizards of the Coast likes to shake up the Magic: The Gathering® world and bring some of our favorite cards back for a second look. When the new core set comes out, each of us finds something that brings back memories of when we first started playing the Magic card game. When Eighth Edition came out, I found some of the cards that I used to play when I was new to the game, like Rukh Egg, Fungusaur, and one of my all time favorites, Royal Assassin. Seeing this card made me think of sitting around my friend’s kitchen table in high school and using an Icy Manipulator to tap the big monsters my friends would play and then stabbing them in the back with the Assassin’s dagger. On July 29, you have a chance to find some of your favorite cards from the past in a booster pack again. MORE

deck box

The first 5 players that bring in a new player to a 9th Edition Release Tournament will receive one deck box. The new players will be awarded a deck box too. (While supplies last…)

Event Preview

Photo of John H Klauk

Conventional Magic - The Best 4 Days of Magic
by John H Klauk

As I mentioned in my last Magic article, I am a HUGE fan of Magic: The Gathering® Online. With the announcement of Mirage coming out for Magic Online, I am more excited than the most excited thing you can imagine that is currently filled with excitement! Phasing….flanking……it’s all coming back to me now……

But, until the day I get to poison my way to victory again (COBRA!!!) I will be psyched to play my older cards in the upcoming Legacy and Vintage events at Gen Con (or the Convention league or the Grand Melee or so much more).

So how do you get to play in these fine, fine events? MORE

Gen Con

Additional Magic:The Gathering events at Gen Con

Convention League Standard Entire Show 10 am - 8 pm (10 am - 4 pm Sunday) 9th Edition Product
Legacy Championship Legacy Thursday 10 am Legacy Championship Trophy and a play set of Revised Dual Lands (40 cards, 10 of each type)
Grand Prix Salt Lake City Trial Kamigawa Block Constructed Thursday 3 pm 3 round bye at GP Salt Lake City and product
Grand Melee Standard Thursday 9 pm Product
$500 Vintage Tournament Vintage Thursday Midnight $500 and product
$5,000 2 Headed Giant Standard Friday 10 am $5000 worth of prizes
PTQ Los Angeles Block Constructed Friday 5 pm $250 and invite to Pro Tour Los Angeles and product
$500 Legacy Tournament Legacy Friday Midnight $500 and product
Vintage Championship Vintage Saturday 10 am Original Magic: The Gathering artwork - Mark Poole's reinterpretation of Ancestral Recall and product.
PTQ Los Angeles Block Constructed Saturday 2 pm $250 and invite to Pro Tour Los Angeles and product
$500 SealedTournament Kamigawa Sealed Saturday Midnight $500 and product
Kamigawa - Italian Legends Sealed Sealed Sunday 9 am Italian Legends product

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