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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. What exactly is "Horsemanship"?

A. A creature with the ability "horsemanship" can be blocked only by other creatures with horsemanship. Note that creatures with horsemanship can still block "walking creatures" as normal.

Q. How do Legends work?

A. Some creature cards have "Legend" listed as their creature type. If a creature is a Legend, there can't be more than one copy of it in play at a time, no matter whose side it's on. If someone tries to play a Legend and there's already a copy of that card in play, the new copy is put into its player's graveyard instead of coming into play. Note that it's OK to have more than one Legend card in play as long as they don't have the same name, and it's OK to have more than one copy of a Legend card in your deck. There just can't be more than one copy of a Legend card in play at the same time.

Q. Can I play more than one land in a turn?

A. No, you can play only one land each turn. Some cards may allow you to put another land into play, but the instructions on those cards will be specific.

Q. When do I tap my creatures?

A. The only time you tap your creatures is when you attack or if some card instructs you to.

Q. What's the flavor text on the "Zodiac" creatures?

A. It's the last part of a famous poem that ends the epic Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel.

Q. What's the order of the Zodiac?

A. Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon.


Questions About Specific Cards

Q. Can I play Ambition's Cost if I have less than 3 life?

A. Yes, but you would immediately go to 0 life or less and would lose the game.

Q. . . . But what if I have a way of gaining life?

A. Then be sure that you gain the life before playing Ambition's Cost.

Q. Can I play Burning of Xinye if my opponent has fewer than four lands?

A. Yes. It would destroy as many lands as they have in that case.

Q. When do I play Eightfold Maze?

A. Eightfold Maze is one of the few sorceries that you play on your opponent's turn. Play it after your opponent has declared attackers but before you've chosen which of your creatures will block them.

Q. Can I play Extinguish on another Extinguish?

A. Yes, and the first one would have no effect.

Q. Can I play False Defeat when I don't have any creatures in my graveyard?

A. Yes, but it won't have any effect.

Q. How does Flanking Troops work?

A. When you tap Flanking Troops to attack, you can choose one of your opponent's creatures and tap it, thus preventing it from being able to block. (Or you could use the Troops to tap one of your own creatures if you like.) The tapped creatures untap as normal at the beginning of their controller's turn.

Q. How does Heavy Fog work?

A. You play this card on your opponent's turn, before you declare your blockers. Each unblocked attacker deals no damage. However, creatures that are blocked deal damage as normal. Your creatures also deal damage as normal.

Q. If my opponent plays Imperial Edict and my only creature is a Taoist Hermit, is the Hermit destroyed?

A. Yes. Imperial Edict instructs you (not your opponent) to choose the creature to be destroyed, so the Hermit's special ability doesn't work.

Q. How does Kongming, the Sleeping Dragon work?

A. While Kongming is in play, each of your other creatures gets +1/+1. For example, if you had Kongming and Guan Yu in play, Guan Yu would be 4/6 instead of its normal 3/5. If Kongming attacks and is destroyed in combat, your creatures revert to their original power and toughness when the combat is over. For instance, say Kongming and Guan Yu attack. Your opponent blocks Kongming with a Wei Infantry (2/1) and blocks Guan Yu with a Wei Elite Companions and a Wei Strike Force (3/3 and 2/1 respectively, both with horsemanship). Kongming and the Infantry would destroy each other. Guan Yu deals enough power to kill both of the Wei blockers and is dealt 5 damage himself. Because its toughness is temporarily 6, it survives combat. When Kongming goes to your graveyard at the end of combat, however, Guan Yu loses the +1/+1 bonus and becomes 3/5 again. Because it was dealt 5 damage, it then goes to the graveyard as well.

Q. Can I play Lady Sun's ability to return my own creatures?

A. Yes.

Q. Would Liu Bei get +4/+4 if I had both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in play?

A. No. Liu Bei's bonus is not cumulative.

Q. Can I choose to have Lone Wolf deal 1 damage to a blocker and 1 damage to the defending player?

A. No. If you choose to have Lone Wolf deal damage to your opponent instead of to the creature(s) blocking it, deal all of the damage to your opponent.

Q. Can I play Riding the Dilu Horse on a creature with horsemanship?

A. Yes, but there's no benefit to having "double horsemanship."

Q. Is the bonus from Riding the Dilu Horse permanent?

A. No, because the card should read, "Any one creature gets +2/+2 and gains horsemanship until end of turn."

Q. Can I use Shu Farmer to go above 20 life?

A. Yes. Your life total has no upper limit.

Q. If two creatures block Slashing Tiger, does it get +4/+4?

A. No. The Tiger's bonus isn't cumulative, it's from being blocked at all.

Q. If I play Spoils of Victory, can I still play a land card that turn?

A. Yes. Playing Spoils of Victory doesn't count as playing a land. You can play your one land card for the turn and play Spoils of Victory in the same turn.

Q. When I play Wu Scout, how long do I get to keep looking at my opponent's hand?

A. You don't get to permanently see your opponent's hand. Once you decide to move on with your turn, your opponent gets to conceal his or her hand again.

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