Bant Aggro Flash

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The letter G!erry Thompson's really been helping me with my homework this week, and this is another sweet deck he directed my attention to (something he's always good for, really).

This deck was piloted to a 4–0 finish by excellent deck builder Shouta Yasooka, yaya3 on Magic Online, so I assume he is at least largely responsible for the list, which takes Bant Flash in a much more aggressive direction than we'd seen so far.

Experiment One is great here, because despite the relatively high spell count, the creatures (and some of the spells) are particularly great at triggering evolve.

I like his decision not to play Delver of Secrets or Augur of Bolas, which allows him to just play the cards he wants rather than worrying about spell count. Instead, he prioritizes cards he can play at instant speed.

Spell Rupture is a great counterspell in this deck, but the choice to play exclusively Spell Rupture and no Syncopates is significant just because it shows that he's not really concerned with exiling spells, which can be very significant against Reanimator. Still, with so many large, cheap creatures, Spell Rupture is likely to be much more consistent as a counterspell and plays far better with Snapcaster Mage.

His sideboard offers Block Constructed powerhouse Rootborn Defenses, which I'm surprised he only has two of, as well as an assortment of lifegain, counterspells, and removal.

yaya3's Bant Flash
Standard – 4–0, Magic Online Daily #5457770

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