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2000 World Championships Deck List

Tom van de Logt
   Tom van de Logt's Replenish deck uses cards like Attunement and Frantic Search to put powerful enchantments into the graveyard. Then he used Replenish to put all of the enchantments back into play at once and pound his opponents.

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  • Tom van de Logt
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  • Replenish
    # Card Cost Rarity
    (25) Lands    
    9 Island 6E/US/MM
    8 Plains 6E/US/MM
    4 Adakar Wastes 6E R
    4 Rishadan Port MM R
    (0) Creatures    
    - - - -
    (35) Other    
    4 Attunement US R
    3 Counterspell 6E C
    1 Energy Field US R
    3 Enlightened Tutor 6E U
    4 Frantic Search UL C
    1 Mystical Tutor 6E U
    4 Opalescence UD R
    3 Parallax Tide NM R
    4 Parallax Wave NM R
    4 Replenish UD R
    1 Seal of Cleansing NM C
    1 Seal of Removal NM C
    1 Sky Diamond 6E U
    1 Wrath of God 6E R
    (15) Sideboard    
    1 Chill 6E U
    1 Circle of Protection: Black 6E C
    1 Cursed Totem 6E R
    2 Daze NM C
    3 Erase UL C
    2 Lilting Refrain US U
    1 Seal of Cleansing NM C
    2 Submerge NM U
    2 Wrath of God 6E R

    US - Urza's Saga; UL - Urza's Legacy; UD - Urza's Destiny;
    6E - Sixth Edition; MM - Mercadian Masques; NM - Nemesis;
    PR - Prophecy


       Quarterfinalist Tom van de Logt posted a perfect 6-0 record during the Standard portion of the 2000 World Championships. The 19-year-old Groesbeek, Holland native was playing a deck that had a big impact on the metagame that year, "Replenish".

       This deck used cards like Attunement and Frantic Search to put powerful enchantments, such as Parallax Wave and Opalescence, into the graveyard and then used Replenish to put them all back into play at once.

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