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2000 World Championships Deck List

Nicolas Labarre
   Nicolas Labarre's combo deck, called Chimera, used searching cards to fetch Fecundity, Saproling Cluster, and Ashnod's Alter so he could generate unlimited mana.

With this mana Labarre used Blaze or Whetstone to plow right over his opponents.

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  • Nicolas Labarre
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  • Tom van de Logt
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  • Chimera
    # Card Cost Rarity
    (21) Lands    
    8 Forest 6E/US/MM
    4 Brushland 6E R
    3 City of Brass 6E R
    2 High Market MM R
    2 Phyrexian Tower US R
    2 Thran Quarry US R
    (17) Creatures    
    4 Academy Rector UD R
    4 Birds of Paradise 6E R
    4 Llanowar Elves 6E C
    4 Priest of Titania US C
    1 Serra Avatar US R
    (22) Other    
    4 Ashnod's Alter 6E U
    1 Confiscate US U
    4 Enlightened Tutor 6E U
    4 Fecundity US U
    1 Pattern of Rebirth UD R
    4 Saproling Cluster NM R
    1 Snake Basket 6E R
    1 Whetstone US R
    1 Yawgmoth's Bargain UD R
    1 Yawgmoth's Will US R
    (15) Sideboard    
    1 Absolute Law US U
    3 Armageddon 6E R
    1 Aura Fracture PR C
    1 Blaze 6E U
    1 Defense Grid UL R
    1 Energy Flux MM U
    1 Heart of Ramos MM R
    1 Light of Day 6E U
    1 Meekstone 6E R
    1 Parallax Wave NM R
    1 Phyrexian Processor US R
    1 Seal of Cleansing NM C
    1 Worship US R

    US - Urza's Saga; UL - Urza's Legacy; UD - Urza's Destiny;
    6E - Sixth Edition; MM - Mercadian Masques; NM - Nemesis;
    PR - Prophecy


       The 2000 World Championships was Nicolas Labarre's third Top 8 finish at a Pro Tour event (Rome '98, New York '99, Worlds '00).

       This Rennes, France native played a combo deck that he called "Chimera". This deck used searching cards like Academy Rector and Enlightened Tutor to fetch Fecundity, Saproling Cluster, and Ashnod's Alter.

       Once those three cards were in play, Labarre could generate as much mana as he wanted. With unlimited mana, he could play a very big Blaze or use Whetsone to immediately deck his opponent.

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