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2000 World Championships Deck List

Janosch Kühn
   Janosch Kühn's red-green deck used Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves to build up mana early in the game.

Kuhn then delivered the finishing punch with mana-denial cards, such as Stone Rain and Plow Under.

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  • Nicolas Labarre
  • Janosch Kühn
  • Tom van de Logt
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  • Angry Derm
    # Card Cost Rarity
    (24) Lands    
    10 Forest 6E/US/MM
    4 Mountain 6E/US/MM
    2 Dust Bowl MM R
    4 Karplusan Forest 6E R
    4 Rishadan Port MM R
    (20) Creatures    
    4 Avalanche Riders UL U
    4 Birds of Paradise 6E R
    4 Llanowar Elves 6E C
    4 Blastoderm NM C
    2 Masticore UD R
    2 Priest of Titania US C
    (16) Other    
    4 Arc Lightning US C
    1 Creeping Mold 6E U
    1 Phyrexian Processor US R
    4 Plow Under UD R
    2 Saproling Burst NM R
    4 Stone Rain 6E C
    (15) Sideboard    
    4 Boil 6E U
    1 Creeping Mold 6E U
    2 Flameshot PR U
    1 Masticore UD R
    1 Phyrexian Processor US R
    2 Rack and Ruin UL U
    1 Splinter UD U
    3 Uktabi Orangutan 6E U

    US - Urza's Saga; UL - Urza's Legacy; UD - Urza's Destiny;
    6E - Sixth Edition; MM - Mercadian Masques; NM - Nemesis;
    PR - Prophecy


       Hannover, Germany native Janosch Kühn joined an elite group of players in earning his second World Championship Top 8. Kühn played a red-green deck known as "Angry Derm" or "Son of Hermit".

       The deck built up its mana early with Birds of Paradise or Llanowar Elves, and then followed that up with mana-denial cards like Stone Rain, Plow Under and Avalanche Riders.

       Masticore and Blastoderm provided the finishing punch.

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