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Prophecy Novel Guide

   For Centuries the warriors of Keld have been preparing for the Twilight, the apocalyptic final battle that marks the end of the world. Ancient Keldon texts speak of five mighty winds that will sweep across the globe and test both Dominaria and its inhabitants. When these winds begin to blow, only the savage will survive.

   Latulla, Keldon overseer and expert artificer, has interpreted these prophecies as a call to besiege northern Jamuraa, which she and her followers believe once belonged to Keld. As Twilight approaches, she means to reclaim this territory both for the glory of Keld and to expand her own personal influence. The dreaded Doyen Council is aware of Latulla's political motivations and doesn't fully support her operation, but it has two reasons to allow her to continue her war: She is field-testing a number of artifact weapons, and the council is quite happy to let her try to establish a Keldon presence on Dominaria's largest continent.

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