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   Latulla sets her sights on the Kipamu League, a loose political and military affiliation of Jamuraan city-states. Unaware of Keld's interest in their homeland, the league is woefully unprepared for the savagery of Keldon warfare. Disorganized and split by internal rivalries, the league's decades-old reliance on artifact soldiers has left them with an army almost entirely inexperienced against modern war tactics.

   Additionally, the relative political stability of the region has allowed Jamuraan mages to focus not on warfare, but on a new type of spellcasting called rhystic magic. Rhystic spells are simple and quick, but they sacrifice stability for speed. Jamuraa's abundant mana sources make rhystic magic easy to wield but also easy for another mage to disrupt. Artifacts and creatures brought into being with rhystic magic are more fragile than those created with more carefully gathered mana and always have a brittle, crystalline look.

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