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Welcome Team Coolrobots

Christian Carlberg, one of the most successful BattleBot builders in the United States, has designed and created some of the best BattleBots ever. His new bot, Dreadnought, is a 325-pound BattleBot with two wheels and two spinning discs that are designed to slice and dice other robot opponents.

Carlberg and his crew, Team Coolrobots, received a grant from the Magic: The Gathering trading card game to build a "dream BattleBot" to compete in future BattleBot competitions.

According to Carlberg, Magic and BattleBots are similar in many ways. "I knew being sponsored by Magic: The Gathering would be a good fit for us because they appreciate lethal designs. The creatures that they make for their game have the same goals that my bots do: Take your opponent down, take him apart, and stomp on whatever's left. Wizards wants my bots to be as bad-ass as their creatures, and that's something I know how to do."

This page will be following Team Coolrobots as they compete in Season 3.0 of BattleBots which airs every Tuesday night at 10:00pm on Comedy Central.

Message Boards

click here to go to the BattleBots Message Board Are you a BattleBot fan? What do you think of the new Magic Bot Dreadnought? Do you think Minion can go all the way?

Start a post over on the Magic BattleBots Message Board.

News & Press Releases
  • 9/04 - Don't miss tonights Super Heavy Weight Final - Minion vs. Toro!
  • 7/17 - Toe-Crusher vs. Dr. Inferno, Jr.
  • 7/16 - Team Coolrobots on the Today Show
  • 7/10 - Magic announces sponsorship

  • Highlights


    Virtual GenCon has posted their coverage of the Team Coolrobots demonstration given to attendees this year in Milwaukee. Check it out!
  • Virtual GenCon Coverage

    click here to go to the Comedy Central BattleBots website
    Check out the Comedy Central match coverage for these exciting streaming video interviews:

    Team Coolrobots Interview
    Minion Vs. Ogre, for this in depth look at the four BattleBots competing in Season 3.0.

    Match Exit Interview
    Minion and Ogre's creators discuss the match

    On the Today Show has posted a Quicktime Video of the Today Show Segment featuring Team Coolrobots and Dreadnought. | Wizards Mirror
    (requires QuickTime Player)

  • The BattleBots
    (click bots for larger images)
    click for larger image Dreadnought
    Super-heavyweight Division | Specs
    click for larger image Minion
    Super-heavyweight Division
    2nd Place Finish!
    click for larger image Overkill
    Heavyweight Division
    4th Place Finish!
    click for larger image Toe-Crusher
    Lightweight Division

    Download Desktop Images
    Save these .BMP files to your hard drive and then select them as your desktop image through your desktop settings.

    Minion -
    1024x768 | 800x600 | 640x480
    Dreadnought - 1024x768 | 800x600 | 640x480
    Overkill - 1024x768 | 800x600 | 640x480
    Toe-Crusher - 1024x768 | 800x600 | 640x480

    Team Coolrobots Bios
    click for a larger image
  • Christian Carlberg
  • Luke Khanlain
  • Brian Roe
  • Mike Ballard

  • Links

  • Coolrobots Home Page
  • Comedy Central BattleBots Home Page
  • BattleBots Home Page

  • Featured Matches

    Minion defeats Ogre
    Minion defeats Electric Lunch - on to semi-finals
    Minion defeats Toro - advanced to finals
    Minion loses to Vladiator - takes 2nd place

    Overkill defeats MOE
    Overkill defeats Voltronic moves to semi-finals
    Overkill loses to Biohazard takes 4th place

    Toe-Crusher loses to Dr. Inferno, Jr.

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