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Battle Royale Party Contest Winning Entries

You Wanted a Party

Here's the Swag! Here's the Party!

A little while back we asked you to tell us why your group of Magic-playing, trash-talking friends deserved to party like rock stars.

If you were sufficiently convincing, we promised to award you tons of free Magic products and enough food to choke Godzilla. $1000 worth of whoopee, in fact.

All you had to do was start talking...

... and now the judges have listened.

Here is the list of winners, or "beggers", depending on how you look at it :)
   (we've also posted the top 11 plea's for you to peruse at your pleasure...)

Grand Prize Winner 1st Prize Winners 2nd Prize Winners
  • James Langan of Mohegan Lake, NY
  • Joe Briscoe of Lenoir, NC
  • Aaron Eng of Stewart Manor, NY
  • Clayton of Cheyenne, WY
  • Graham Smith of Turkey Creek, KY
  • Darrin Knode of Hagerstown, MD
  • Michael Teske of Oak Park, IL
  • David Carruthers of Ramsey, IL
  • David Keller of Memphis, MO
  • Jody Harris of Niceville, FL
  • Dustin Drury of Saranac Lake, NY
  • Sean Rodgers of Winchester, VA
  • Andre Bruni of Hallendale, FL
  • Matthew Gushta of Edmonton, Alberta
  • Brian Karrigan of Carol Stream, IL
  • Nate McGarigal of Shutesbury, MA
  • Nigel Rathbone of London, UK
  • Kevin Baumann of Saugus, MD
  • Jeannene Butler of Basking Ridge, NJ
  • Dan Alpers of Cedar Rapids, IA

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The Grand Prize Winner:
Levi Juhl of Butte, Montana

His Plea:
Some of my friends and I once snuck out of all of our houses at 1:00am to go play a game of Magic in the woods. There were four of us, and it was about 45 degrees outside. We played with 100 life apiece, and the game took 5 hours. I got home about 20 minutes before my mom woke up. It was close...

Anyhow, we're all hardcore MTG fans. We all live in a really, really lame town, Butte, Montana, and there is absolutely nothing to do here, and no way to get our collection any bigger. A guy occasionally buys a box of Urza's Saga boosters, but for the most part, Magic cards in my hometown are rarer than a Black Lotus. We not only would like the free cards and stuff, but we NEED them. And thanks for making one hell of a card game, I've never been captivated by a card game as I have been with Magic. I'm 15, and I've been playing since the Ice Ages came out, and I only make 15 dollars a week allowance, and as I said, MTG cards are rare here. So instead of giving the stuff to some guy in a huge city that has a job and can buy his own stuff, give it to some kids that really need to bolster their collection. Thanks alot!

He wins the Grand Prize:
One Multiplayer Magic: The Gathering sponsored party package which includes vouchers and coupons for pizza, beverages and other party items. One Battle Royale Multiplayer Box Set, ten booster packs from all 1999 Magic: The Gathering releases, (excluding World Champ Decks), one Magic Interactive CD-ROM, four Magic: The Gathering baseball hats and prize support for your victorious winners - six Sony Stereo Cassette Walkmans! (Approx. retail value $1000.00)

1st Prize Winner:
Cole Edwards of Quincy, California

His Plea:
I came here from Orange County, a place where Magic is bustling, to try college. This city is tiny! The county has one whole stoplight! JUST ONE! My point is, its small.

Good choice for school, bad choice for the Magic addict I pretend not to be. I needed to play.

Then I noticed someone, Jake Titus, playing a role playing game. I asked if he played Magic. He didn't, but had heard of it. So I taught him. Jake caught on quickly, with a touch of unusual combos that were as good as gold. I dubbed him Midas (for obvious reasons). I also taught Anthony Smith, already called "Ant", who learned under the Guru program, as did Dan Albert "Einstein" Cohen.

Now we play together, reaping quick thinking, treachery and strategy rewards.

Now Magic is taking off everwhere in Quincy! We formed a college club with our first tournament this Friday (10/29)! Its so big a local shop sponsers a game day every Saturday and even sells Magic cards!

We're ready for this level of deceit and treachery! We're ready to rumble with Battle Royale!

1st Prize Winner:
Allen Levy of Clearwater, Florida

His Plea:
I have never been with a group of people that has taken me in with out reservations. They accepted and befriended me. We play every week. I love these guys and gals. We play Magic in a circle game. VERY fun. And with these guys I won my first game! It was great! They actually were happy for me. With no resentment. They even let me borrow a deck or two when I couldn't bring my cards. If anyone deserves this, its them. Even if you guys don't pick us, I may still throw a party.

1st Prize Winner:
Kevin Byas of Blacklick, Ohio

His Plea:
We deserve this party because when it comes down to it, Multiplayer Magic is what we spend one night a week playing. We sit around trying our crazy decks that would never work that use 3 and 4 card combos. It's our time to get together once a week, catch up on the things going on in our life and generally have a good time. We toss trash talk back and forth at each other for a while and all stare blankly as one of us will drop a Lhurgoyf. Sitting and laughing as we lose. Anyone can be the winner that night, it's just to have fun. We devote one night a week to playing with our small little group with our dreams of one day making it to the pro tour. Building our decks based on some Sci-Fi flick we saw the night before. We'll teach new people how to play handing them one of our decks and getting yet another person hooked on this game for life. We deserve this party because we have been loyal fans with great love and appreciate the game.

1st Prize Winner:
Jodi Fortney of Fairmont, West Virginia

Her Plea:
Why my friends and I need a party? Well, that is a very good question. My Magic playing friends and I need a party because we get together every weekend and almost every day. Normally this depends on if we have anything to do like homework, term papers, or go to work and try to get enough money to pay bills so that we may buy more Magic cards or play in tournaments. Most live in different places to they have to travel to come to play and that can also be a problem. One lives two hours away, another lives like 30 miles away and another lives 20 miles away. We call up one another and get together. Normally we get together at my apartment. My apartment is small, but we find room, we play Magic the Gathering on the dinner room table, 3 coffee tables and where ever else we can. Normally, I am the one who supplies the snacks and drinks. That is hard to do being a poor college student. Besides, I save all my money that doesn't go to bills to buy Magic stuff. We deserve a party because we are all dedicated to play Magic, oh who needs a phone, lets just go to the next PTQ. We play all the time and have a great time. It would be great if we won the party. We deserve it. It would be great for someone else to help support our habits. We struggle everyday to make ends meet so that we may play Magic or go to tournaments. Three of the people in our little group have gotten 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places at the Pro tour Qualifier for London, I placed 34th but out of 150 I think that is great. So please help support our habbit, so that we may continue to help pay your saleries.

1st Prize Winner:
Dave Schmidt of Vernon Hills, Illinois

His Plea:
Brad, Zach, and Kevin have been coming to my apartment every Monday from 6-10pm to play multiplayer Magic for the past 4 years now. Every Monday I empty out the kitchen trash before they all get there and every Monday when they all leave my trash can is overflowing with Big Gulps, various styrofoam containers, foil from Pop-Tarts, candy bar wrappers, Hostess packaging, and cans of Coke (which of course were borrowed from my fridge). Aside from helping the food industry we have scrambled to beat each other in acquiring as many of the new cards as we can from each new Magic set in order to get an edge over each other. I think we deserve to win the contest because we are a reflection of Richard Garfield's vision of what playing Magic is supposed to be like, a bunch of friends getting together to play a game and having fun.

1st Prize Winner:
Stephen Mortimer of Longview, Washington

His Plea:
Why does my group deserve a party? Easy. We know that during a multiplayer game, you have to have the respect to not cast channel/earthquake/C.O.P. Red on Turn 5, or risk your life after the game. We realize the importance of friendship in 2-on-2 matches. That is why we cast Enslaved Horror on the second turn, for our opponent who discarded his Thorn Elemental on his first turn. Plus, the food we eat only enhances our ability to party like a B.F.M. Fighting an Ornithoper. If you supplied a party like that, the twelve of us would be up for 96 hour straight, with a combined sugar level to give a high to the population of India, and more combos and beatdowns than a game of Pokemon? (Pokemon has Combos?!?!?!) And we'd even share some with you, as a way of saying thank you for your kindness for supplying us the material to keep our minds at their best....


1st Prize Winner:
Mark Turnblom of Heber, Utah

His Plea:
The group of guys I play with aren't Tourney players, but if you could win a tourney for BACK STABBING, or CUTTING REMARKS, my friends would be WORLD CHAMPIONS! The group is made up of me, my two brothers (sibling rivalry gets NASTY), my Uncle (40 years old and he plays MAGIC!!), and my friend of 9 years. We have played Multi-player Magic since the beginning of time it seems... and usually until the end of time (20 hours straight once). The most entertaining part of our games is the way we interact together; any passer by would think we were roleplaying. With the combined sound effects of a MOGG FANATIC falling on someone to the sound of a fattie breaking the bones of it's blocker. Have you ever seen a person wear a game winner on their forehead? (Like the other day when I had a LIMITED RESOURCES and a MANABOUND in play... and lo and behold I licked my ARMAGEDON and wore it on my forehead). Now don't get me wrong, physical confrontations never break out; however, popcorn and FRITO's will hit you if you take your eyes off of your opponents for even a second... try looking at your hand! Just recently we had to ban UNGLUED cards from our parties because we kept my parents up until 5:00am. All we had to say was "It's FUN!".

1st Prize Winner:
Jason Perkins of Nashua, New Hampshire

His Plea:
Allow me to describe a typical weekend at my college for you. I attend a strict catholic college in Nashua, New Hampshire. On weekends the only fun thing to do is go home. If you stay, it is just you, a few friends, and the nuns. The food in the cafeteria is unrecognizable and it moves. We eat Ramen Noodles to survive and either watch movies or play Magic for entertainment. Since our female friends usually want to watch movies such as "Bed of Roses" and "Titanic", we usually choose to play Magic. Unfortunately, some of my friends are beginning to lose interest in the game. I remember when a group of seven or eight of us would sit around a table a play Magic until early in the morning. I long to bring those days back and with your help I can do it. Please, help me. The party would be enough to get us through the semester and the cards would get us through graduation. We desperately need this party. We have Ramen coming out of our ears and if one more persons says "I'll never let go!!!" I can't be held responsible for what I might do. We will make sure to send you pictures, thank you cards, and we will even ask the nuns to pray for you. Thank you for considering us and for an awesome game.

1st Prize Winner:
John Gibbs of Beech Grove, Indiana

His Plea:
Back in the day, when there was no type one restriction, we played. We were downright evil. If there wasn't an armegeddon-serra angel-wrath of god combo out by turn six, it was a sad game. All of us here have played from the beginning, and are still hard core to the bone. The new cards, the new mechanics, and more recently the old school stack rule coming back, have made it better. Sure we're all older now, but we're also veterans of a game that makes us feel like kids again. There was a time when a few of us stopped playing, but like the prodigal son, we have returned. I have recently become one of your Guru's, and enjoy teaching the game, and revealing the lost school of combo. Through triumph and tradgedy the game survives, as do your true hard core fans. My apartment on every Saturday is a tournament unto itself, we need a bigger table, the Battle Royale should be an added pinacle to the game, but the truth is in the decks. We would love to be the recipients of the game, but one thing, bring a shop vac... it's gonna' get messy.

1st Prize Winner:
Geoff Hall of Sell Oak, Birmingham, England

His Plea:
Simple really, we're all addicts who love multiplayer gaming more than anything else and would be willing to sacrifice our souls for this prize (well, I would anyway). My friend Jan deserves it simply for coming up with starter decks a few months before they were officially announced (in the identical format as well) and converting many to the cause (myself included). We are also poor students with not enough money to live and eat (and drink) but we still manage to buy new cards and enter local tournaments (especially team sealed) whenever possible. One of my friends even travelled 200 miles just to go to the latest pre-release tournament (and I would have joined him if I could have afforded the train fare). We all love to party with much food and drink and, combining that with the always entertaining prospects of multiplayer Magic (with balanced decks no less!) would be amazing (and provide many petty rivalries for games to come - we know!). So based on this and our many other wonderful qualities (honest) we obviously deserve to win. And most importantly of all, go on, you know you want to!!!


Geoff "Black and Blue decks rule!" Hall

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