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Frequently Asked Questions

by Wizards of the Coast Customer Service

1) Can I counter a spell or ability by playing Abeyance in response?

No. Abeyance is not an interrupt and therefore cannot cancel the effect of a spell or ability that has been successfully announced.

2) Does Abeyance prevent lands from being tapped for mana?

No. No effect can prevent mana sources from being played, so Abeyance does not stop lands from being tapped for mana. It also does not prohibit abilities played as mana sources, such as Fellwar Stone's and Llanowar Elves's.

Remember that game rules, unlike effects, can prevent mana sources from being played. This means that summoning sickness will prevent you from tapping a creature for mana, and the rules about "comes-into-play" costs will prevent you from using Lotus Vale's ability before you sacrifice two untapped lands.

3) If Abyssal Gatekeeper is put into the graveyard at the same time as another of my creatures, can I choose that creature to be the one that's buried as a result of the Gatekeeper going to the graveyard?

No. After Abyssal Gatekeeper has gone to the graveyard, the creature must still be in play in order for it to be buried.

4) Can I sacrifice a creature killed by Æther Flash before it goes to the graveyard?

Yes, but only to a spell or ability that is a mana source, such as Ashnod's Altar's ability. Other spells and abilities may not be played until after Æther Flash has resolved and the creature has taken the damage. The damage may be prevented normally, however.

5) What happens if Angelic Renewal is sent to the graveyard at the same time as the creatures, say via a Nevinyrral's Disk?

If Angelic Renewal isn't in play after all the creatures go to the graveyard, then you cannot bury it to bring a creature back.

6) If I have a counterspell on top of my graveyard, can I respond to an opponent's spell by first activating Bösium Strip and then countering the spell with my counterspell?

No. Bösium Strip's ability is played as an instant. You could not legally play it until after the opportunity for interrupting the spell has passed.

7) Can I cast Choking Vines if I'm not assigning any blocking creatures?

Yes. "Play only when blockers are declared" means that you must play Choking Vines at the time blockers would be declared, not that you must declare blockers to play Choking Vines.

8) If I draw another counterspell when my Disrupt resolves, can I use that spell to counter the original spell, assuming the controller paid the 1?

Yes. Multiple batches of interrupts can target a single spell.

9) When I cast Doomsday, what five cards do I keep?

You may keep any five cards from the combination of your graveyard and your library.

10) Do the power and toughness of a creature enchanted with Empyrial Armor change when my hand size changes?


11) If I have Familiar Ground in play along with Goblin War Drums, are my creatures unblockable?


12) Can I tap a creature with Fire Whip, even if it has summoning sickness?

No. Errata has been issued on Fire Whip; the second ability now reads, "Enchanted creature gains '[Tap]: This creature deals 1 damage to target creature or player.'"

13) If a creature's damage has a side effect (like giving poison counters or forcing a discard when damage is dealt) will the side effect happen when Fire Whip's first ability is used?

Yes. Because the creature is actually dealing the damage, any side effects of that damage still apply.

14) When I play Firestorm, can I choose a single target more than once?

No. If a spell or ability requires choosing more than one target, you cannot choose the same target more than once. If there are not enough targets, you cannot cast the spell.

15) If Fungus Elemental phases out and then back in again, can I put more counters on it?


16) If I have Goblin Bomb in play, can I flip the coin as many times as I like as long as it's during my upkeep?

No. You may only activate it once per turn.

17) If I have multiple Goblin Bombs in play, can I flip the coin and then decide which Goblin Bomb the flip was for?

No. You must first choose which Bomb you are activating and then flip the coin for that particular one.

18) What will happen if I use Jabari's Banner to give an attacker flanking after blockers have already been assigned?

An attacker must have flanking when the blocker is assigned for the blocker to get the -1/ -1 penalty.

19) Can I tap a creature that has summoning sickness to give Llanowar Behemoth its +1/+1 bonus?


20) Can Llanowar Behemoth tap itself to give itself the bonus? What if it has summoning sickness?

Yes, even if it has summoning sickness.

21) If I have enough mana, can I retrieve all of the Llanowar Sentinels out of my library by having each one fish out a new one?


22) Can I tap Lotus Vale for mana before I sacrifice the two lands?

No. You must deal with a card's coming-into-play cost before you may activate any of its abilities.

23) When lands get tapped because of Mana Web, will that cause my opponent to take mana burn?

No. Mana Web does not cause the lands to generate mana.

24) When my lands get tapped by Mana Web, can I activate them before Mana Web's effect resolves?

Yes. You may activate a mana source after a triggered effect triggers, but before it resolves.

25) Do artifact creatures count twice for Maraxus of Keld's power and toughness?

No. No card counts more than once.

26) Do I gain or pay the life from Morinfen's cumulative upkeep?

You pay the life.

27) If I have a Library of Leng in play, can I put the cards discarded from Psychic Vortex back on top of my library?


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