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There is no calm before the storm
There is only Tempest

Released in October of 1997, Tempest was the twelfth Magic; expansion. Containing 350 cards, Tempest marked the start of the Rath Cycle block of expansions for DCI Standard Tournament play. Tempest also continued the Rath Cycle storyline that was started in Weatherlight.

The Tempest expansion is loaded with 300+ cards, ranging from basic lands to powerful new spells.

The set takes place on the stormy plane of Rath, where Gerrard and the heroes of the Weatherlight set out to find Volrath's stronghold.

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The Tempest Preconstructed Deck listings:
 "Deep Freeze"
 "The Flames of Rath"
 "The Slivers"
 "The Swarm"

 The Tempest story
 New rules

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