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Fallen Empires, the fifth Magic expansion, was released in November 1994 and took creature generation to a new level. The 187-card set met with mixed reviews from players, and controversy over the set's effectiveness still rages on.

Fallen Empires Storybook
The devastation that ended the Brother's War has lasting effects. On the southern continent of Sapardia, five struggling civilizations slip slowly under the tide of outside aggression. As the empires fall, a dark age begins.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
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Famous Cards

[Aeolipile] Aeolipile: As a colorless source of direct damage, Aeolipile serves as a great deterrent to creature threats.

[Hymn to Tourach] Hymn to Tourach: Being forced to discard two cards at random can shut down a player's early game, and after multiple uses, make winning nearly impossible.

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