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Released in July 1995, this 125-card set was created in an effort to satisfy players' demand for out-of-print cards. Over half of the cards were from Legends;, but the set also included cards from Arabian Nights;, Antiquities;, and The Dark;.

When Fourth Edition was released, a good number of cards were rotated in and out of the base game. In non-English editions, many cards would be released in white-bordered "reprint" format before ever appearing in the black-bordered "original printing" format. This series was an attempt to correct the situation by making black-bordered versions available in those languages.
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Famous Cards

[Erhnam Djinn] Erhnam Djinn: A fast and powerful green creature, the Erhnam is a staple in most competitive green-creature decks.

[Nicol Bolas] Nicol Bolas: While not the most accessible card, this elder dragon legend boasts an impressive ability once in play.

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