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Carlos Romão

Carlos Romão

World Championship Decks 2002 Theme Deck

Romão's blue-black "Psychatog" deck was the defining deck of the tournament. A control deck at heart, with lots of card drawing and countermagic, it wants to stall an opponent until it can play a devastating Upheaval and Psychatog on the same turn. While many people at this year's World Championship played this style of deck, Carlos simply played his version better than everyone else played theirs.

Romão, known as "Jaba" to his friends, was a perfect 6-0 during the Swiss portion of the tournament, posting a stunning 12-0 game record. This twenty-year-old native of São Paulo, Brazil, has been widely regarded as one of the best players in South America. His deck tried to stay alive long enough to play Upheaval, while floating mana to replay Psychatog on the same turn.

4Nightscape FamiliarC1 ManaBlack Mana
4PsychatogU1 ManaBlue ManaBlack Mana
3Chainers EdictU1 ManaBlack Mana
3Circular LogicU2 ManaBlue Mana
4CounterspellCBlue ManaBlue Mana
3Cunning WishR2 ManaBlue Mana
3Deep AnalysisC3 ManaBlue Mana
3Fact or FictionU3 ManaBlue Mana
3Memory LapseC1 ManaBlue Mana
4RepulseC2 ManaBlue Mana
2UpheavalR4 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
2Cephalid ColiseumU
1Darkwater CatacombsR
4Salt MarshU
4Underground RiverR
1Coffin PurgeCBlack Mana
4DuressCBlack Mana
1Fact or FictionU3 ManaBlue Mana
1GainsayU1 ManaBlue Mana
3Ghastly DemiseCBlack Mana
1HibernationU2 ManaBlue Mana
1Mana ShortR2 ManaBlue Mana
1RecoilC1 ManaBlue ManaBlack Mana
1SlayU2 ManaBlack Mana
1Teferis ResponseR1 ManaBlue Mana
Carlos Romão

* = from a previous set

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