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Reality Fracture

Reality Fracture

Time Spiral Theme Deck

The “Reality Fracture” deck highlights the interaction between suspend and storm. Manipulate the time stream just right, and you’ll set up a single, explosive, game-winning turn!

In the first few turns of the game, use the suspend ability of cards in your hand, preferably so they have the same number of time counters on them. Meanwhile, you’re vulnerable to attack, so you may need to use Rift Bolt or Grapeshot to take the pressure off.

After a few turns, your suspended cards will have counted down all the way. Ideally, you’ll remove the last time counter from two or three of them on the same turn. Play those spells, then play your spells with storm. You get an extra copy of each storm spell for each other spell played that turn, so the copies will add up! Empty the Warrens could give you a huge Goblin horde, or Ignite Memories could result in over a dozen damage. Suspended creatures come into play with haste, so after they attack, your opponent might just have been dealt 20 damage in a single turn!

To maximize your storm spells, hold on to cards like Claws of Gix and Coal Stoker. They’re easy to play on the same turn as other spells, which will increase your storm count. But don’t be too greedy! Depending on how the game is going, it may be better to get three storm copies on turn 5 than five storm copies on turn 7. If setting up a giant turn isn’t working, simply attacking with your hefty creatures is a good backup plan.

The “Reality Fracture” deck includes cards like Clockspinning and Jhoira’s Timebug that manipulate counters. Use them to sync up the number of time counters on your suspended cards—even if you have to add a time counter! Or if you need a suspended card immediately, remove the last time counter from it. Clockspinning also interacts with other counters, like the ones on Serrated Arrows or Dreadship Reef.

After getting the hang of the deck, experiment with its contents. More Rift Bolts help set up big storm turns or eliminate pesky creatures. The Time Spiral card Lotus Bloom and the Ninth Edition card Seething Song enable multiple spells on the same turn. And Furnace of Rath, also from the Ninth Edition set, is a perfect turn 4 play since your deck will be ready to explode with damage on turn 5.

1Sage of EpityrCBlue Mana
2Giant OysterS2 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
3Viscerid DeepwalkerC4 ManaBlue Mana
3Riftwing CloudskateU3 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
1Errant EphemeronC6 ManaBlue Mana
1Deep-Sea KrakenR7 ManaBlue ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
2Coal StokerC3 ManaRed Mana
2Keldon HalberdierC4 ManaRed Mana
1Pardic DragonR4 ManaRed ManaRed Mana
1Jhoira's TimebugC2 Mana
1Clockwork HydraU5 Mana
2ClockspinningCBlue Mana
1Whispers of the MuseSBlue Mana
1Careful ConsiderationU2 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
1Ground RiftCRed Mana
4GrapeshotC1 ManaRed Mana
1Rift BoltC2 ManaRed Mana
3Empty the WarrensC3 ManaRed Mana
2Ignite MemoriesU4 ManaRed Mana
2Claws of GixS0 Mana
1Serrated ArrowsS4 Mana
1Dreadship ReefU

Rariry "S" = Time Spiral "timeshifted" card
Reality Fracture

* = from a previous set

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