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Fun With Fungus

Fun With Fungus

Time Spiral Theme Deck

Fungus doesn’t think or sleep—it just spreads and devours. The “Fun with Fungus” deck lets you take the reins of a post-apocalyptic rampage of Thallids, and these freaky fungus fiends won’t take “Eeeeewww!” for an answer.

In the early going, play as many Thallids as possible so they can start building up spore counters. Waiting three turns for enough spore counters to make a single Saproling might seem slow, but when you have three or four Thallids budding at once, you’ll soon have more creatures than you know what to do with.

Don’t be too aggressive in combat with your early Thallids. Trade with an opponent’s creature only if you really need to get it off the table. The longer your Thallids stay in play, the more work they’ll do for you. You’ll be rewarded if they’re still around when Sporesower Thallid or Verdant Embrace turbo-charges your Saproling production, or when Thelon of Havenwood makes your Thallids enormous.

To get the most from your Saprolings, you can attack with them or you can sacrifice them. Attacking is good if your opponent has few blockers, and it’s especially good if you have Pendelhaven Elder to pump them all up at once. If that’s your plan, it’s best to create Saprolings as early as possible.

If you can’t attack, use your Saprolings as blockers and sacrifice fodder. In this case, don’t create them until you need them. Your opponent will have a harder time removing spore counters than destroying 1/1 creatures, and if Thelon shows up, you’ll be glad those spore counters are still there! The “Fun with Fungus” deck is packed with effects that take advantage of a sacrificed Saproling. Make a creature bigger with Thallid Germinator or smaller with Deathspore Thallid. Regenerate a Thallid with Savage Thallid. Gain life with Claws of Gix by sacrificing any permanent. Sacrifice three creatures to pay Dread Return’s flashback cost. And a creature enchanted with Fallen Ideal can devour all your Saprolings—and your other creatures—to become big enough for one gigantic, game-winning attack.

After playing with the deck, customize it. More copies of Thelon of Havenwood or Sporesower Thallid will increase the deck’s power. Try the Time Spiral cards Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII or Thelonite Hermit to generate more Saprolings. But the best (and most fun) option may be the Ravnica card Doubling Season, which doubles both the number of spore counters you get and the number of Saproling tokens you put into play!

3Deathspore ThallidC1 ManaBlack Mana
2ThallidSGreen Mana
2Pendelhaven ElderU1 ManaGreen Mana
3Thallid Shell-DwellerC1 ManaGreen Mana
1Thelon of HavenwoodRGreen ManaGreen Mana
3Thallid GerminatorC2 ManaGreen Mana
1Wormwood DryadC2 ManaGreen Mana
2Herd GnarrC3 ManaGreen Mana
2Sporesower ThallidU2 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana
2Savage ThallidC3 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana
1FeeblenessC1 ManaBlack Mana
1AssassinateC2 ManaBlack Mana
2Fallen IdealU2 ManaBlack Mana
2Sudden DeathU1 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Dread ReturnU2 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Might of Old KrosaUGreen Mana
2SproutCGreen Mana
2Strength in NumbersC1 ManaGreen Mana
1Krosan GripU2 ManaGreen Mana
1Verdant EmbraceR3 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana
1Claws of GixS0 Mana

Rarity "S" = Time Spiral "timeshifted" card
Fun With Fungus

* = from a previous set

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