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Ivory Doom

Ivory Doom

Onslaught Theme Deck

A black and white deck? Evil and good cooperating? Inconceivable! Or is it? Obviously, the Ivory Doom deck is not your typical creature deck. Unlike the usual "weenie" strategy, which tries to overrun opponents with lots of early creatures but saves nothing for later, Ivory Doom has unique threats that emerge once the game has progressed. The Clerics interact in amazing ways, and with the right cards in play, you'll be virtually untouchable.

The key is making sure you survive long enough to reach the midgame. Use cards like Pacifism, Swat, and Smother to neutralize or eliminate your opponent's most dangerous threats. Since many of your Clerics do a great job of protecting themselves and each other, ration out your elimination carefully. For example, don't let an early 3/3 Beast scare you. Go ahead and let it hit you a few times. Soon you should have so many healers in play that your opponent can no longer safely attack. If you're patient, you'll have spells waiting in your hand to deal with any creatures that are truly fearsome.

Once your opponent's attack has stalled out, you can counterattack with your strong creatures. Doubtless One will often be an enormous threat that helps you gain back any life you lost while setting up your defense. Gangrenous Goliath is a relentless attacker that keeps rising from the grave. And you'll use both Cabal Archon and Starlit Sanctum to slowly drain your opponent's life away by sacrificing excess Clerics. The Archon and the Sanctum become even more deadly once Sigil of the New Dawn is in play since you'll be able to sacrifice the same Cleric over and over.

If you're looking to improve this deck, try adding some especially powerful Clerics like True Believer or Rotlung Reanimator. The Believer protects you from spells, and the Reanimator turns your dead Clerics into fresh Zombies. You could also try a mix of Clerics that works better against your friends. Are Goblins too pesky? Add another Foothill Guide. Zombies getting you down? Another Disciple of Grace or two can fix that. Who knew light and dark could work together so well?

3Foothill GuideCWhite Mana
2Battlefield MedicC1 ManaWhite Mana
2Disciple of GraceC1 ManaWhite Mana
3Daru HealerC2 ManaWhite Mana
2Doubtless OneU3 ManaWhite Mana
1Daunting DefenderC4 ManaWhite Mana
1Aven SoulgazerU3 ManaWhite ManaWhite Mana
4Disciple of MaliceC1 ManaBlack Mana
1HeadhunterU1 ManaBlack Mana
2Cabal ArchonU2 ManaBlack Mana
1Cabal ExecutionerU2 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Gangrenous GoliathR3 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
2PacifismC1 ManaWhite Mana
1Akroma's BlessingU2 ManaWhite Mana
1Astral SlideU2 ManaWhite Mana
1Sigil of the New DawnR3 ManaWhite Mana
2SmotherU1 ManaBlack Mana
2SwatC1 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Death PulseU2 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
2Profane PrayersC2 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
4Barren MoorC
4Secluded SteppeC
1Starlit SanctumU
Ivory Doom

* = from a previous set

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