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Merrow Riverways

Merrow Riverways

Lorwyn Theme Deck

Merfolk are slippery creatures, and you’ll use that to your advantage in the “Merrow Riverways” deck. Plenty of Merfolk, like Streambed Aquitects and Silvergill Douser, have abilities that cause them to tap. Others, like Drowner of Secrets, let you tap any of your Merfolk. Combine them with cards that untap your Merfolk, such as Merrow Commerce and Stonybrook Angler, and you’ll start swimming circles around your opponent.

What can you accomplish? Attack and block with the same creatures. Use the same ability multiple times a turn. Return Summon the School to your hand over and over. Keep tapping and untapping Fallowsage to draw cards—and gain more life with Judge of Currents. With so many tricks up your sleeve, how can you go wrong?

3Judge of CurrentsC1 ManaWhite Mana
2Avian ChangelingC2 ManaWhite Mana
2Harpoon SniperU2 ManaWhite Mana
2Tideshaper MysticCBlue Mana
2Silvergill AdeptU1 ManaBlue Mana
3Silvergill DouserC1 ManaBlue Mana
2Stonybrook AnglerC1 ManaBlue Mana
2Drowner of SecretsU2 ManaBlue Mana
2Merrow ReejereyU2 ManaBlue Mana
3Streambed AquitectsC1 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
1FallowsageU3 ManaBlue Mana
1Merrow HarbingerU3 ManaBlue Mana
1Wanderwine ProphetsR4 ManaBlue ManaBlue Mana
1Sygg, River GuideRWhite ManaBlue Mana
3Oblivion RingC2 ManaWhite Mana
2Summon the SchoolU3 ManaWhite Mana
1PonderCBlue Mana
1Merrow CommerceU1 ManaBlue Mana
1Whirlpool WhelmC1 ManaBlue Mana
1Broken AmbitionsCX ManaBlue Mana
2Springleaf DrumC1 Mana
Merrow Riverways

* = from a previous set

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