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Boggart Feast

Boggart Feast

Lorwyn Theme Deck

When playing the “Boggart Feast” deck, you’re running a raucous warren of expendable, accident-prone Goblins. Enjoy the sadistic delight of offing your own creatures for fun and profit, since that’s what Facevaulter, Tar Pitcher, and Fodder Launch do. But have no fear—there are always more Goblins! Boggart Birth Rite and Warren Pilferers yank your critters back from the grave, and Marsh Flitter and Boggart Mob put Goblin tokens into play.

If that’s not twisted enough, some of these insane little freaks like to die! When Mudbutton Torchrunner or Hornet Harasser keels over, it can take an enemy creature out with it. And Boggart Shenanigans damages your opponent whenever any of your Goblins gets whacked. With this deck, that can add up in a hurry!

3FacevaulterCBlack Mana
2Exiled BoggartC1 ManaBlack Mana
1Squeaking Pie SneakU1 ManaBlack Mana
2Boggart HarbingerU2 ManaBlack Mana
2Ghostly ChangelingU2 ManaBlack Mana
1Mad AuntieR2 ManaBlack Mana
1Spiderwig BoggartC2 ManaBlack Mana
1Boggart MobR3 ManaBlack Mana
2Marsh FlitterU3 ManaBlack Mana
2Hornet HarasserC2 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
2Warren PilferersC4 ManaBlack Mana
3Adder-Staff BoggartC1 ManaRed Mana
1GoatnapperU2 ManaRed Mana
2Mudbutton TorchrunnerC2 ManaRed Mana
2Lowland OafC3 ManaRed Mana
1Tar PitcherU3 ManaRed Mana
2Boggart Birth RiteCBlack Mana
1Fodder LaunchU3 ManaBlack Mana
1Hoarder's GreedU3 ManaBlack Mana
2TarfireCRed Mana
2Boggart ShenanigansU2 ManaRed Mana
2Shimmering GrottoC
Boggart Feast

* = from a previous set

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