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Elvish Rage

Elvish Rage

Legions Theme Deck

No spells? No problem! Smash your opponent senseless with your overwhelming horde of Elves. Every card in the "Elvish Rage" deck is either a forest or an Elf, so you'll be putting Elves into play quickly and attacking relentlessly until your opponent is history.

The order in which you play your Elves is important for inflicting maximum carnage. You should play Birchlore Rangers, Elvish Pioneer, and Wirewood Channeler at the first opportunity - the extra mana will help you put your entire army out much faster. Your next priority should be your large attackers, such as Stonewood Invoker and Elvish Warrior, so you can start beating up your opponent. Wirewood Hivemaster is also an excellent early play, because it will add Insect tokens to your attacking force. Taunting Elf delivers a knockout blow by letting all your other creatures get by unblocked.

A few of your Elves - such as Timberwatch Elf and Tribal Forcemage - will pump up your army and dramatically increase the damage your attackers deal. For maximum effect, use their abilities after your opponent decides how to block your deceptively small Elves. Carefully budget the abilities that strengthen your creatures. Make sure to hold them in reserve so you can pump up your Elves to negate damage-dealing spells or punch through early blockers. If you want to boost your Elves even more, consider swapping in some cards like Giant Growth or Elvish Champion from the Seventh Edition™ set.

"Elvish Rage" has two weaknesses: large defenders that hit the table early (such as Walls) and spells that get rid of more than one creature at a time. If you slap down a lot of your Elves fast, a single Earthquake or Wrath of God from Seventh Edition can really ruin your day. Play only as many Elves as you need to win. You'll have to decide how many you'll need to commit and how many you should hold back.

Be sure to attack aggressively the moment your creatures hit the table. After all, this deck was named "Elvish Rage," not "Elvish Apathy!" With so many angry Elves at your beck and call, your opponent will soon fold. Get out there and fight for the forest!

1Birchlore Rangers*CGreen Mana
3Defiant ElfCGreen Mana
1Elvish Pioneer*CGreen Mana
1Elvish Scrapper*UGreen Mana
3Patron of the WildCGreen Mana
1Snarling Undorak*C2 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana
1Bloodline Shaman*U1 ManaGreen Mana
2Gempalm StriderU1 ManaGreen Mana
3Stonewood InvokerC1 ManaGreen Mana
1Tribal ForcemageR1 ManaGreen Mana
1Wellwisher*C1 ManaGreen Mana
2Wirewood Elf*C1 ManaGreen Mana
2Wirewood HivemasterU1 ManaGreen Mana
1Elvish Warrior*CGreen ManaGreen Mana
2Everglove Courier*U2 ManaGreen Mana
2Timberwatch ElfC2 ManaGreen Mana
1Elvish Pathcutter*C3 ManaGreen Mana
1Heedless One*U3 ManaGreen Mana
2Wirewood ChannelerU3 ManaGreen Mana
2Elven Riders*U3 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana
1Elvish SoultillerR3 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana
Elvish Rage

* = from a previous set

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