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Goblins decklist

Goblins decklist

Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Theme Deck

Elves are stodgy, timid, and always looking toward the future. Goblins, on the other hand, are fierce, fearless, and live for the moment. Play passionately, and you’ll win.

You’re faster than the Elves, so the plan is simple: Attack! If the Elves manage to amass an army, they’ll be very difficult to fight through—so don’t let that happen. Keep constant pressure on the Elves, force them into bad blocks, and use your damage-dealing spells and abilities to pick off key players like Timberwatch Elf. If they never get a chance to breathe, they’ll never stabilize the battlefield. You’ll roll over them like a ball of burning mud rolling down a greased-up hill.

What if your attack stalls? Not to worry. You have a backup plan: Fire! If your initial onslaught weakened your opponent enough, change tactics. Instead of using cards like Siege-Gang Commander and Tarfire to deal damage to your opponent’s Elves, use them to deal damage to your opponent. Emberwilde Augur and Flamewave Invoker help fan the flames, and Skirk Fire Marshal caps it all off with a whopping 10 damage to everyone and everything (except itself)! Make sure to keep any Wellwishers off the battlefield and have fun burning your opponent to a crisp. After all, nothing smells more delicious than a big ol’ pile of barbecued Elf.

1Siege-Gang Commander
1Akki Coalflinger
3Emberwilde Augur
1Flamewave Invoker
1Gempalm Incinerator
3Goblin Cohort
1Goblin Matron
1Goblin Ringleader
1Goblin Sledder
1Goblin Warchief
1Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician
1Mogg Fanatic
2Mogg War Marshal
2Mudbutton Torchrunner
2Raging Goblin
1Reckless One
2Skirk Drill Sergeant
1Skirk Fire Marshal
1Skirk Prospector
1Skirk Shaman
1Tar Pitcher
2Boggart Shenanigans
1Spitting Earth
1Goblin Burrows
1Forgotten Cave
Goblins decklist

* = from a previous set

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