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Black / Red

Black / Red

Anthologies Theme Deck

1Goblin Balloon BrigadeCRed Mana
1Goblin Digging TeamCRed Mana
1Goblin HeroC2 ManaRed Mana
1Goblin KingR1 ManaRed ManaRed Mana
1Goblin MatronU2 ManaRed Mana
1Goblin MutantU2 ManaRed ManaRed Mana
1Goblin RecruiterC1 ManaRed Mana
1Goblin SnowmanR3 ManaRed Mana
1Goblin TinkererU1 ManaRed Mana
1Goblin VandalCRed Mana
1Mogg FanaticCRed Mana
1Mogg FlunkiesC1 ManaRed Mana
1Mogg RaiderCRed Mana
1Raging GoblinCRed Mana
1Uthden TrollU2 ManaRed Mana
1Volcanic DragonR4 ManaRed ManaRed Mana
1Black KnightCBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Cuombajj WitchesCBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Hypnotic SpectreU1 ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Ihsan's ShadeR3 ManaBlack ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Knight of StromgaldCBlack ManaBlack Mana
1Lady OrcaR5 ManaBlack ManaRed Mana
1Aesthir GliderU3 Mana
1FireballCX ManaRed Mana
1Goblin GrenadeCRed Mana
1Goblin OffensiveUX ManaRed ManaRed Mana
1Goblin WarrensU2 ManaRed Mana
1Lightning BoltCRed Mana
1PyrokinesisR4 ManaRed ManaRed Mana
1PyrotechnicsU4 ManaRed Mana
1Feast of the UnicornC3 ManaBlack Mana
1Hymn to TourachCBlack ManaBlack Mana
1TerrorC1 ManaBlack Mana
1Unholy StrengthCBlack Mana
1Nevinyrral's DiskR4 Mana
5Goblin token
1Strip MineU
1Smoldering CraterC
1Polluted MineC
Black / Red

* = from a previous set

Green / White Green / White

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