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Army of Justice

Army of Justice

Core Set - Ninth Edition Theme Deck

White magic is all about taking control of combat, and that's exactly what the "Army of Justice" deck lets you do. You can lock your opponent's biggest creatures out of the battle entirely, and then pick off the leftover smaller creatures that dare to fight you. Your cheap creatures let you strike early, before your opponent's defenses are up, and then your Angels can finish the game with a powerful air attack.

To start the battle off on the right foot, play efficient creatures such as Suntail Hawk and Veteran Cavalier to start dealing damage to your opponent right away. If you get Glorious Anthem into play, it will make your entire army bigger at once. Soon your opponent will get some creatures into play as well, and that's when things start to get interesting.

The "Army of Justice" deck is loaded with combat tricks. These spells and abilities make sure you get the upper hand in any battle. For example, Infantry Veteran gives one of your attackers the boost it needs to win a fight. Attack with some creatures, then wait until your opponent blocks them. Now you know which of your creatures most needs a +1/+1 bonus. If you're blocking, the spell Righteousness works the same way—except it boosts one of your blockers, and the boost is +7/+7 instead of +1/+1!

Crossbow Infantry and Ballista Squad have a different kind of combat trick. Instead of making your creatures bigger, they deal damage to your opponent's attacking or blocking creatures. This can let one of your small creatures take down one of your opponent's big ones. Even better, your opponent may be afraid to enter combat at all! The Infantry and the Ballista can wipe out enemy attackers and blockers before they deal damage to you and your creatures.

Chastise, Pacifism, and Master Decoy provide even more powerful ways to control combat by taking enemy creatures out of the fight. Don't waste Chastise or Pacifism on little creatures that you can handle anyway. Save these cards for the creatures that really count! Master Decoy prevents a different creature from attacking or blocking each turn. If you want to use Master Decoy's ability to stop a creature from attacking, your opponent needs to give you a chance to do that.

Working together, your smaller creatures can grab control of the battle from larger enemies. And once they have it, they don't let go!

1Infantry VeteranCWhite Mana
2Suntail HawkCWhite Mana
3Crossbow InfantryC1 ManaWhite Mana
2Master DecoyC1 ManaWhite Mana
2Veteran CavalierCWhite ManaWhite Mana
1Skyhunter ProwlerC2 ManaWhite Mana
1Venerable MonkC2 ManaWhite Mana
1Ballista SquadU3 ManaWhite Mana
3Angel of MercyU4 ManaWhite Mana
1Phyrexian HulkU6 Mana
1Mending HandsCWhite Mana
1RighteousnessRWhite Mana
2PacifismC1 ManaWhite Mana
1Glorious AnthemR1 ManaWhite ManaWhite Mana
1ChastiseU3 ManaWhite Mana
1Angel’s FeatherU2 Mana
16Plains- Mana
Army of Justice

* = from a previous set

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