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Welcome to the Betrayers of Kamigawa Card Previews Archive page! Once card previews have started on magicthegathering.com (on January 10; mark your calendars!) you'll be able to come here for a convenient look at all the cards that have already been shown. If you want the latest scoop, you'll still want to go to magicthegathering.com, because that's where all the newest cards will be shown. But once they've been previewed, they'll all be archived right here for easy access.

Shining Shoal
by Aaron Forsythe
Mirror Gallery
by Mark Gottlieb
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
by Mike Flores
Heed the Mists
by Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar
Hundred-Talon Strike
by Brian David-Marshall
Cunning Bandit
by Mark Rosewater
Patron of the Orochi
by John Carter
Genju of the Cedars
by Paul Sottosanti
by Mark Gottlieb
Toshiro Umezawa
by Adrian Sullivan
Fumiko the Lowblood
by Anthony Alongi
Higure, the Still Wind
by Mark Rosewater