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Kamigawa is a land of infinite stories, and Betrayers of Kamigawa continues to feature storylines both big and small as the Kami War begins in earnest. And since it was so popular with Champions of Kamigawa, we are pleased to be able to once more present the legends behind the Legends.

Betrayers of Kamiagawa Frequently Asked Questions

Kamigawa is still a world of Kami, Orochi, and Nezumi, a place where the spiritual and "real" worlds intermingle, but the Kami War has changed things. The schism between the kakuriyo and utsushiyo has effects no one can guess. The mighty patron kami are no longer so easily appeased. And Konda's mighty samurai have been devastated by an unexpected attack.

So who are the Betrayers of Kamigawa? In a sense, everybody is. As the war heats up, there are spirits turning on spirits and humans turning on humans. Alliances are tossed aside for momentary benefits and longstanding rivalries become full-blown blood feuds.

Over the next five weeks, we'll profile five Legends from the world of Betrayers of Kamigawa. Hold tight; this is going to be good.

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