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Introduction to Seventh Edition - by Jesse Decker

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You can see all of the Seventh Edition cards online in the new Card Catalog.
  Seventh Edition is a big deal in the Magic community. I took a second to talk with Kyle Murray, the Marketing Director for Magic and asked him what went in to making the new set.

"When we sat down to talk about the strategy behind Seventh Edition, we really wanted to design a set that gave the players what they wanted. We came up with three key points. We identified some classic cards, like the Serra Angel, that players still enjoyed even though they weren't in the base set, and we wanted to put those cards back in the tournament mix. We wanted to bring the look and feel of the base set in line with the expert level expansions, including the addition of premium cards. Last, we wanted to integrate the starter product with advanced and expert level sets; this means that all of the starter set cards are taken from the base set, and they're all tournament legal." -- Kyle Murray, Magic Marketing Director

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