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Back in Green - by Jesse Decker

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  Thorn Elemental. Might of Oaks. Green hits hard in Seventh Edition. With all new art and premium versions of past favorities, the new edition of Magic is going to shake things up. Described by one Pro Tour player as "the best fattie ever," the Thorn Elemental is what every big creature should be. Green's access to fast mana minimizes the restriction of the elemental's seven casting cost, and it's special ability is amazing. Most green creatures of Thorn Elemental's size have Trample, allowing some of the damage to get through to your opponent if it's blocked. However, the Thorm Elemental takes this one step further, allowing you to do all of the elemental's damage to your opponent if its blocked. Put a Thorn Elemental into play and your opponent either deals with it or looses.

Green creatures aren't all big in their own right. Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, you'll be looking for smaller attackers among the green cards of Seventh Edition. Luckily, the creatures don't disappoint. From the ever-present grizzly bears to the first-striking Elvish Archers, green has plenty of quick, efficient attackers just waiting for a Giant Growth or Might of Oaks.

Other returning favorites include Llanowar Elves and Fyndhorn Elder, ever-present sources of speedy mana. Birds of Paradise, Vernal Bloom, and Early Harvest add even more speed to green's mana base. In Seventh Edition there's bound to be no such thing as a slow green deck. Green offers more than creatures too-from the card-providing Rowen to the versatile Creeping Mold, green does almost everything well. One of green's staple spells, Hurricane, is back with great new art. Even if it doesn't see a lot of tournament play, make sure to get a look at the card.

For casual players, both the Verduran and Yavimaya Enchantresses are there to speed up your enchantment-heavy theme deck, providing plenty of fun multi-player possibilities.

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