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Back in Blue - by Jesse Decker

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  When they orginally appeared in the Arabian Nights expansion, few djinns became player favorites. However, after years of play the mighty Juzam and Ernham Djinns have become part of Magic history. One powerful djinn is back in Seventh Edition now, blue's popular Mahamoti Djinn. Affectionately dubbed "fat Moti" by Pro Tour players, this blue powerhouse has new art, a new, premium version, and is once again about to be legal for tournament play. A 5/6 flyer for only six mana, the Mahamoti can dominate a game once it hits the table. Protected by blue's prodigious counterspell abilities, the Mahamoti is even scarier.

Speaking of counterspells, blue features the color-defining Counterspell, plus a host of other counters to make your opponent's life miserable. Daring Apprentice and Remove Soul might both see serious play, and even if they don't they're a lot of fun in more casual games. Deflection, a favorite since it first appeared in Ice Age, tops the list of blue's utility cards, turning almost any targeted instant or sorcery that your opponent uses against him or her.

Blue has always been the color with the strongest card drawing cards, and Seventh Edition is no exception. Treasure Trove, Inspiration, Ancestral Memories all provide extra cards. Tournament players will undoubtedly find their favorite card-drawing routines as they become more familiar with the set, but each of these cards can potentially help, and all benefit those interested in casual play.

Blue has never been strong at removal, but on the other hand, it's never been stronger at removal. Blue's "bounce" cards are present in droves. Unsummon and Boomerang, two versatile favorites, share the stage with the Temporal Adept.

Tournament players know the card Opposition well, and it, and thus decks built around it, appears in Seventh Edition. Your opponent has never experienced the kind of frustration you'll treat them to when you play Opposition against them. In the right deck, it can lock an opponent down entirely.

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