Classic: Sixth Edition

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Magic: The Gathering® players have something to look forward to with Classic™ (Sixth Edition). For the starter-level Magic® player ready to make the leap to advanced Magic play, the Classic two-player game is the logical next step. Magic players new to advanced play will enjoy access to cards from earlier expansions and exposure to a richer play environment, while expert players will find Classic a cost-effective way to play in sealed-deck tournaments.

Classic features 350 cards, including cards from these Magic expansions: Visions, Mirage, Alliances, and Weatherlight

Collector's Highlights

Each Classic card is now numbered for collectors and carries an expansion symbol (VI) indicating its rarity.

Game Features

Classic ushered in new rules changes for Magic. Here are links that pertain to these new rules:

The Comprehensive Rulebook

Classic Edition Rules Changes

Bill Rose's Classic Edition Question and Answer List

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Famous Cards
Wrath of God

for more famous cards from Classic

Order Online
click to buy onlineTwo Player Game - The Classic Sixth Edition game has everything you need to step up to advanced-level Magic play. Players familiar with starter-level products will find new strategies and play options in the Classic game. You can play these decks right out of the box or combine them with other Magic: The Gathering cards.
click to buy online15 Card Booster Packs - Classic Sixth Edition booster packs bring added strategy to your decks with 15 additional game cards. Round out your collection, add new combos to your advanced-level decks, or build a deck of your own creation!

click to buy online75 Card Tournament Packs - Classic Sixth Edition tournament packs contain 75 randomly assorted game cards and are specifically designed for sealed-deck play. Each deck contains both land and random cards for deck building.