Journey to the Center of the Set, Part 1

Mark dives into Journey into Nyx in part one (of two) articles sharing stories about various cards in the set going all the way from Aegis of the Gods to Godsend (and hitting cards like Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, Eidolon of Blossoms, and Extinguish All Hope along the way.)


Journey into Nyx Prerelease Primer

Get ready for this weekend’s Prerelease!

Magic Videos

Journey into Nyx trailer

Card of the Day

GodsendJourney into Nyx. Godsend is a gift from Heliod to Elspeth. Read more of that story in the Godsend eBook by Jenna Helland.

The Journey into Nyx Card Image Gallery is complete. Be prepared for the Prerelease on April 26–27, 2014!

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