Guest Artist - rk post

rk's cards
Card TitleSet
Death MatchOnslaught
Supreme InquisitorOnslaught
Jeska, Warrior AdeptJudgment
Angel of RetributionTorment
Pardic ArsonistTorment
Spirit FlareTorment
Blazing SalvoOdyssey
Dogged HunterOdyssey
Lightning AngelApocalypse
Leshrac’s Rite7th Edition
Thorn Elemental7th Edition
Worship7th Edition
Primal GrowthPlaneshift
Voice of AllPlaneshift
Bog InitiateInvasion
Defiling TearsInvasion
Faerie SquadronInvasion
Teferi’s MoatInvasion
Avatar of FuryProphecy
Avatar of HopeProphecy
Avatar of MightProphecy
Avatar of WillProphecy
Avatar of WoeProphecy
Lin Sivvi, Defiant HeroNemesis
Mana CacheNemesis
Nesting WurmNemesis
Voice of TruthNemesis
Cho-Arrim LegateMercadian Masques
DawnstriderMercadian Masques
Silent AssassinMercadian Masques
Silverglade PathfinderMercadian Masques
UnmaskMercadian Masques
Worry BeadsMercadian Masques
Abyssal HorrorStarter 1999
Shrieking SpecterStarter 1999
Thorn ElementalStarter 1999
Veteran CavalierStarter 1999
Wood ElvesStarter 1999
Covetous DragonUrza’s Destiny
EncroachUrza’s Destiny
Thorn ElementalUrza’s Destiny
Twisted ExperimentUrza’s Destiny
Damping EngineUrza’s Legacy
Phyrexian ReclamationUrza’s Legacy
Abyssal HorrorUrza’s Saga
AcridianUrza’s Saga
Coral MerfolkUrza’s Saga
MorphlingUrza’s Saga
Sandbar MerfolkUrza’s Saga
Serra’s LiturgyUrza’s Saga
Urza’s ArmorUrza’s Saga
Sliver Queen, Brood MotherVanguard
ArchangelPortal Second Age
Foul SpiritPortal Second Age
High GroundExodus
Keeper of the BeastsExodus
Thrull SurgeonExodus

rk postrk post graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA in the fall of '94 after several years of going full and part time supporting a family. Just prior to graduation, he started freelancing the fantasy gaming industry doing interior illustration gradually teaching himself how to paint. rk garnered a staff illustration position at TSR (Dungeons and Dragons) in the fall of 1996 painting cover illustrations for games and novels. The RPG giant was purchased by Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering) within a year and he trekked Trina and the three boys out to the Seattle area.

WotC and rk have parted company since the winter of 2000 and now he works as a full time freelance illustrator still contracting occasional assignments through the subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Mr post has contracted and work through White Wolf, WizKids, Microsoft (Xbox), LucasFilm, Sega (Dreamcast), Nintendo, Ballantine Books, Science Fiction Book Club, Hasbro (television and animation), Marvel Entertainment, and Blizzard Entertainment (Diablo 2). rk post now has his collected works available in a hard cover art book, Postmortem: the Art of rk post through Cartouche Press ( New and continuing work can also be seen at and and retail sales are handled at

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